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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 30

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From December 16 to December 31, 2018, 46 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From December 16 to December 31, 2018, 46 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual machines

A10 vThunder ADC for Microsoft Azure

A10 vThunder ADC for Microsoft Azure: A10 Networks' vThunder for Microsoft Azure is purpose-built for high performance, flexibility, and easy-to-deploy application delivery and server load balancing. It's optimized to run natively within Azure.

Appzillon Consumer Banking

Appzillon Consumer Banking: Appzillon Consumer Banking from i-exceed offers users a convenient and simplified omnichannel approach to digital banking and ensures that user journeys are delightful and engaging.

IIS on Windows Server 2016

IIS on Windows Server 2016: Each version of Microsoft Windows Server brings a new version of Internet Information Services (IIS). With the recent release of Windows Server 2016 comes IIS version 10, also known as version 10.0.17763.

MySQL Server 8.0 On Windows 2016

MySQL Server 8.0 On Windows 2016: Quickly deploy MySQL server into your Azure tenant. MySQL provides you with a suite of tools to develop and manage MySQL-based business-critical applications on Windows.

RStudio Server Pro for Azure

RStudio Server Pro for Azure: RStudio Server Pro lets you access RStudio from anywhere using a web browser and delivers the productivity, security, centralized resource management, and metrics that professional data science teams need to develop in the R programming language.


SkyLIGHT PVX: Get the SkyLIGHT PVX virtual appliance by Accedian here in the Azure Marketplace.

Teradata Unity (IntelliSphere)

Teradata Unity (IntelliSphere): Teradata Unity (IntelliSphere) is key to Teradata's workload routing and synchronization, providing active-active database availability with near-zero recovery time objectives/recovery point objectives. This is a bring-your-own-license offering.

Toad Intelligence Central 4.3

Toad Intelligence Central 4.3: Improve productivity, collaboration, and data provisioning. Share all Toad artifacts – including entity relationship diagrams, query files, automation scripts, and SQL files – with other Toad users.

WhereScape RED automation software

WhereScape® RED automation software: WhereScape RED is an integrated development environment that provides teams with the automation to streamline workflows, eliminate coding by hand, and cut the time to develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure.


WorkflowGen: Automate complex human-centric processes by leveraging the Azure ecosystem. WorkflowGen can enhance your software or application offerings with a high-performance competitive process automation component.

Web applications

Azure Sandbox as a Service

Azure Sandbox as a Service: The Sandbox enables your organization to provide access to cloud subscriptions on-demand that are isolated from your production environment. It's a great service for implementing proofs of concept, DevTest environments, or even hackathons.


eDocStore: The eDocStore is a centralized, scalable, structured file storage solution with enterprise content management (ECM)-grade interoperability based on open OASIS standard Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) v1.1.

HashiCorp Consul Enterprise

HashiCorp Consul Enterprise: The world is moving from static infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure. HashiCorp Consul is a distributed service networking layer to connect, secure, and configure applications across dynamic distributed infrastructure.

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise: HashiCorp Vault protects sensitive data. It's designed to help security teams secure, store, and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys.

Identity Suite

Identity Suite: To meet the strict compliance requirements of the GDPR and of highly regulated industries, Omada offers a solution that governs access to privacy data and other sensitive information.


PowerERM HRMS APP: The PowerERM is a company-wide employee relationship management software package used to coordinate all employee functions from the time of hiring to separation, including recruitment and training functionalities.

RSA Authentication Manager 8.4

RSA® Authentication Manager 8.4: RSA Authentication Manager is the on-premises platform behind RSA SecurID Access that allows for centralized management of the environment, which includes authentication methods, users, applications, and agents across physical sites.

Secure File Exchange

Secure File Exchange: Use this solution template to simply and securely exchange files with your teammates, partners, and customers. All files are encrypted with a password in your storage account. You and the recipient get notifications with detailed download instructions.


SentinelDB: SentinelDB is a cloud-based, privacy-by-design database that complies with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. It offers per-record encryption, a blockchain-backed audit trail, horizontal scalability, and zero maintenance for customers.

Teradata Unity with IntelliSphere

Teradata Unity with IntelliSphere: Teradata Unity with IntelliSphere is key enabling technology for synchronization and workload routing between Teradata Vantage systems.

WordPress with Azure Database for MariaDB

WordPress Multi-Tier: This solution uses a virtual machine for the application front end and Azure Database for MariaDB services for the application data. The Azure Database service provides automatic patching, automatic backups, and built-in monitoring and security.

Container solutions

Nginx Secured Ubuntu Container with Antivirus

Nginx Secured Ubuntu Container with Antivirus: Deploy an enterprise-ready container for Nginx on Ubuntu. Nginx can be deployed to serve dynamic HTTP content on a network using FastCGI, SCGI handlers for scripts, WSGI application servers, or Phusion Passenger modules.

Node 8 Secured Alpine Container with Antivirus

Node 8 Secured Alpine Container with Antivirus: Deploy an enterprise-ready container for Node 8 on Alpine. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for developing tools and applications.

Sestek SR REST Server

Sestek SR REST Server: You can use this REST API for speech recognition. Supported languages include Turkish, English, Spanish, French, Azerbaijani, Arabic, German, Russian, Urdu, Flemish, and Dutch. Note that this image contains only Turkish, English, and Arabic.

Consulting services

Azure Blockchain Workbench- 8-Week Implementation

Azure Blockchain Workbench: 8-Week Implementation: Azure Blockchain Workbench by Akvelon provides the infrastructure scaffolding for building end-to-end blockchain applications on top of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Azure Cloud Migration- 2 Day Assessment

Azure Cloud Migration: 2 Day Assessment: Take advantage of FMT Consultants' thorough Azure migration assessment. Gain valuable insights for what it will take to migrate your on-premises applications.

Azure Consulting- 2 Day Workshop

Azure Consulting: 2 Day Workshop: BUI’s Azure Discovery Workshop follows a defined and repeatable process to share the value of Microsoft Azure. BUI will showcase different Azure capabilities, considering security, identity, and more.

Azure Data Services Accelerator 4wk implementation

Azure Data Services Accelerator 4wk implementation: ANS accelerates your path to achieving your defined business outcome, as will be uncovered during the preassessment solution stage, utilizing services such as Azure Data Lake and Microsoft Power BI.

Azure eDiscovery Compliance 2 day workshop

Azure eDiscovery/Compliance 2 day workshop: This workshop by Controle is for legal and technical users and is conducted at the client's site. Participants will gain an understanding of eDiscovery capabilities available through Azure.

Azure Managed Svc plus ANS Glass 10wk implementation

Azure Managed Svc + ANS Glass 10wk implementation: Migrate to Azure and utilize new Azure services, such as IoT and AI, with the expertise of ANS cloud experts, underpinned by the governance, automation, and financial insights of ANS Glass.

Azure Migration Assessment- 1 Day Assessment

Azure Migration Assessment: 1 Day Assessment: Are you considering moving your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? This one-day assessment by Executech will outline the time, effort, and cost required to make the shift and move to the cloud.

Cloud Backup Service- 10 Weeks Implementation

Cloud Backup Service: 10 Weeks Implementation: BUI's Cloud Backup managed services offering is an affordable, fully managed Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (CBaaS) solution. We eliminate your need for costly storage, backup management, and maintenance.

Cloud Data Platform- 3-Day Workshop

Cloud Data Platform: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Siili Solutions Oyj will bring together design, data, and tech, outlining the benefits of Azure and unlocking the value of data through Microsoft Power BI visualization.

Cloud Discovery- 5 Days Workshop

Cloud Discovery: 5 Days Workshop: BUI's Cloud Discovery offering is an affordable and structured engagement, consisting of workshops to determine whether your people, environment, and systems are cloud-ready.

Cloud Executive Readiness- 3 Days Workshop

Cloud Executive Readiness: 3 Days Workshop: Meylah's Cloud Executive Readiness workshop will identify and review the platforms, processes, and resources required for a successful transition to the cloud.

Cloud Migration Discovery- 6-Wk Assessment

Cloud Migration Discovery: 6-Wk Assessment: Discover how the scale, flexibility, agility, and consumption-based pricing of cloud services can be used as part of a program to re-platform and re-architect your business systems.

Cloud Readiness Assessment- 4 Week Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 4 Week Assessment: Crimson Line’s assessment will provide a detailed report, giving you insight into project costs and complexities to enable you to make accurate cloud decisions.

Data Platform Modernisation - 4 week Assessment

Data Platform Modernisation – 4 week Assessment: This four-week architecture assessment by Ascent Technology helps management, line-of-business, and IT teams design their data platform deployment and identify potential areas of improvement.

Disaster Recovery Accelerator - 6wk Implementation

Disaster Recovery Accelerator – 6wk Implementation: ANS, in partnership with Microsoft, has developed a disaster recovery solution, the Azure Disaster Recovery Accelerator, designed to minimize disruption in the event of a failure or disaster.

DR - ASR Assessment Plan- 5-day assesment

DR / ASR Assessment Plan: 5-day assessment: Crimson Line will install software to assess a client’s on-premises environment. The outcome will provide a detailed Azure Site Recovery deployment planning report that can be used as part of the Crimson Line DRaaS offering.

Dynamic Customer Profile Creation- 4-week PoC

Dynamic Customer Profile Creation: 4-week PoC: This pilot is intended to help the client create a single enriched view of customers using transaction and interaction data by leveraging Azure data services and TheDataTeam's Cadence framework.

FREE 1-Hr Briefing- Azure Cloud Migration

FREE 1-Hr Briefing: Azure Cloud Migration: In this briefing, FMT Consultants will provide you with a report of our discussion, budgetary pricing for an assessment, and the next steps to kick off your cloud migration.

Microsoft Azure Readiness- 5-day Workshop

Microsoft Azure Readiness: 5-day Workshop: A team of experts at Opsgility will help guide your leadership and learning teams by creating and delivering a detailed learning plan and courses tailored to your organizational learning goals.

Oracle Migration to Azure- 1-Week Assessment (UK)

Oracle Migration to Azure: 1-Week Assessment: Pythian can help you migrate from Oracle to the technologies for your needs, including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server (cloud and on-premises.) This offer is for customers in Canada.

Oracle Migration to Azure- 1-Week Assessment (US)

Oracle Migration to Azure: 1-Week Assessment (UK): Pythian can help you migrate from Oracle to the technologies for your needs, including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server (cloud and on-premises.) This offer is for U.K. customers.

Oracle Migration to Azure- 1-Week Assessment

Oracle Migration to Azure: 1-Week Assessment (US): Pythian can help you migrate from Oracle to the technologies for your needs, including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server (cloud and on-premises.) This offer is for U.S. customers.