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We released 1.2 of the Azure Management Libraries for Java. This release adds support for additional security and deployment features, and more Azure services:

  • Managed service identity
  • Create users in Azure Active Directory, update service principals and assign permissions to apps
  • Storage service encryption
  • Deploy Web apps and functions using MS Deploy
  • Network watcher service
  • Search service

Getting Started

Add the following dependency fragment to your Maven POM file to use 1.2 version of the libraries:

Create a Virtual Machine with Managed Service Identity (MSI)

You can create a virtual machine with MSI enabled using a define() … create() method chain:

VirtualMachine virtualMachine = azure.virtualMachines().define("myLinuxVM")

You can manage any MSI-enabled Azure resources from a virtual machine with MSI and add an MSI service principal to an Azure Active Directory security group.

Add New User to Azure Active Directory

You can add a new user to Azure Active Directory using a define() … create() method chain:

ActiveDirectoryUser user = authenticated.activeDirectoryUsers()

Similarly, you can create and update users and groups in Active Directory.

Enable Storage Service Encryption for a Storage Account

You can enable storage service encryption at a storage account level when you create a storage account using a define() … create() method chain:

StorageAccount storageAccount = azure.storageAccounts().define(storageAccountName)

Deploy Web apps and Functions using MS Deploy

You can use MS Deploy to deploy Web apps and functions by using the deploy() method:

// Create a Web app
WebApp webApp = azure.webApps().define(webAppName)
// Deploy a Web app using MS Deploy


// Create a function app 
FunctionApp functionApp = azure.appServices().functionApps()
// Deploy a function using MS Deploy

Create Network Watcher and start Packet Capture

You can visualize network traffic patterns to and from virtual machines by creating and starting a packet capture using a define() … create() method chain, downloading the packet capture and visualizing network traffic patterns using open source tools:

// Create a Network Watcher
Network Watcher networkWatcher = azure.networkWatchers().define(nwName)
// Start a Packet Capture
PacketCapture packetCapture = networkWatcher.packetCaptures()

Similarly, you can programmatically:

  • Verify if traffic is allowed to and from a virtual machine
  • Get the next hop type and IP address for a virtual machine
  • Retrieve network topology for a resource group
  • Analyze virtual machine security by examining effective network security rules applied to a virtual machine
  • Configure network security group flow logs.

Create a Managed Cloud Search Service

You can create a managed cloud search service (Azure Search) with replicas and partitions using a define() … create() method chain:

SearchService searchService = azure.searchServices().define(searchServiceName)

Similarly, you can programmatically:

  • Manage query keys
  • Update search service with replicas and partitions
  • Regenerate primary and secondary admin keys.

Try it

You can get more samples from our GitHub repo. Give it a try and let us know what you think (via e-mail or comments below).
You can find plenty of additional info about Java on Azure at

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