In November, we announced the public preview of Script Action giving you the ability to customize your HDInsight clusters with projects available from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. It allows you to add new Hadoop projects as they become available. These additions are made through scripts in PowerShell that can customize your Hadoop clusters in powerful and flexible ways. This customization option is available on all types of HDInsight clusters including Hadoop, HBase and Storm.

Today, we are excited to announce that the Script Action capability is generally available and fully supported for users to make customization through the cluster. With GA, users can now make these customizations through a user interface (in addition to doing it in PowerShell). From the user interface, customers can specify the URI of the script, types of nodes were it should be run, and parameters of the script.


Additionally, Microsoft has included sample documentation for Giraph and Solr in addition to Spark and R from public preview. Giraph is a Hadoop-based graph processing system. Graphs are data structures used to model the relationships between entities. For example, the web graph consist of webpages as entities and their underlying hyperlink structure that map the relationships. Solr is a popular open-source search platform that powers many well-known websites and applications. With integration into HDInsight, customers can search data stored in HDFS in Hadoop enabling full-text search and indexing on various data types like tabular, text, geo-location or sensor.

Cluster customization allows HDInsight users to deploy and experiment with a variety of components and runtimes available in the Hadoop ecosystem. We are excited for customers to investigate these new possibilities now available to them. Read more on how you do this with the resources below:

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