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Azure #HDInsight Apache Phoenix now supports Zeppelin

The HDInsight team is excited to announce Apache Zeppelin Support for Apache Phoenix

The HDInsight team is excited to announce Apache Zeppelin Support for Apache Phoenix

Phoenix in Azure HDInsight

Apache Phoenix is an open source, massively parallel relational database layer built on HBase. Phoenix allows you to use SQL like queries over HBase. Phoenix uses JDBC drivers underneath to enable users to create, delete, alter SQL tables, indexes, views and sequences, upset rows individually and in bulk. Phoenix uses NOSQL native compilation rather than using MapReduce to compile queries, enabling the creation of low-latency applications on top of HBase.

Apache Phoenix enables OLTP and operational analytics in Hadoop for low latency applications by combining the best of both worlds. In Azure HDInsight Apache Phoenix is delivered as a 1st class Open Source framework.

Why use Apache Phoenix in Azure HDInsight?

HDInsight is the best place for you to run Apache Phoenix and other Open Source Big Data Applications. HDInsight makes Apache Phoenix even better in following ways:

Out of the box highly tuned Apache Phoenix cluster in minutes

In Azure, several large customers runs their mission critical HBase/Phoenix workloads, over the period of time services becomes more and more intelligent about right configurations for running the HBase workloads as efficiently as possible. This intelligence is than brought to you in the form of highly tuned clusters that will meet your needs. You can create clusters within minutes manually with Azure Portal or by automating the creation workflow with Azure JSON templates, Powershell, REST based API or Azure client SDK.

Decoupled Storage and CPU

HDInsight changes the game with seemingly simple , yet very powerful cloud construct where compute and CPU are decoupled. This is very powerful as you have inexpensive abundant cloud storage that could be mounted to a smallest HBase cluster. When you don’t need to read/write, you can delete the cluster completely and still retain the data. This flexibility helps our customers achieve best price/performance.

Delivered as a service, yet not compromising on control

HDInsight delivers Phoenix as a service so you don’t have to worry about setup, patching, upgrading , maintaining etc. Moreover, you get financially backed SLA of 99.9 percent as well as support, yet it doesn’t take away any control. You have the option to further fine tune your cluster as well as install additional components and make further customizations.

Best suited for mission critical production workloads

As Microsoft’s roots are in enterprises, you will find HDInsight Phoenix fitting very nicely into your enterprise architecture. You can host Phoenix clusters in a private virtual network in order to protect your valuable data. You can take advantage of Azure infrastructure to achieve high availability and disaster recovery. You can also find Azure and HDInsight constantly update their compliance status @Azure Trust Center.

What is Apache Zeppelin?

Apache Zeppelin is open source Web-based notebook that enables data-driven, interactive data analytics and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and many other languages. It helps data developers & data scientists in developing, organizing, executing, and sharing data code and visualizing results without referring to the command line or needing the cluster details.

Integration with Apache Phoenix

Now HDInsight customers can use Apache Zeppelin to query your Phoenix tables. Apache Zeppelin is integrated with HDInsight cluster and there are no additional steps to use it.

Simply create a Zeppelin Notebook with JDBC interpreter and start writing your Phoenix SQL queries


Try HDInsight now

We hope you will take full advantage Apache Zeppelin with Apache Phoenix. We are excited to see what you will build with Azure HDInsight. Read this developer guide and follow the quick start guide to learn more about implementing these pipelines and architectures on Azure HDInsight. Stay up-to-date on the latest Azure HDInsight news and features by following us on Twitter #HDInsight and @AzureHDInsight. For questions and feedback, please reach out to AskHDInsight@microsoft.com.

About HDInsight

Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s premium managed offering for running open source workloads on Azure. Azure HDInsight powers mission critical applications ranging in a wide variety of sectors including, manufacturing, retail education, nonprofit, government, healthcare, media, banking, telecommunication, insurance, and many more industries ranging in use cases from ETL to Data Warehousing, from Machine Learning to IoT, and more.

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