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Justin Slade

Director, Channel Marketing

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Published • 4 min read

Cuatro formas en las que la inteligencia artificial, la visión artificial y las tecnologías relacionadas amplían las soluciones de IoT 

By Director, Channel Marketing

Intel y Microsoft Azure trabajan conjuntamente para ayudar a las empresas a implementar tecnologías y servicios de IoT inteligentes, incluidas características de aprendizaje profundo con inteligencia artificial, visión artificial, audio y voz. Al incorporar estas características (combinando dos o más de ellas) a las soluciones, se pueden resolver más desafíos empresariales. Por ejemplo, la unión de visión artificial con inteligencia artificial amplía enormemente los usos posibles de las soluciones de IoT.

Published • 4 min read

Learn by example: How IoT solutions transform industries 

By Director, Channel Marketing

Businesses often face similar challenges, from improving productivity and creating a positive customer experience to reducing costs and increasing revenue. By turning to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, organizations across industries can use data to drive insights and actions, ultimately transforming their business model, increasing their bottom line, and improving customer experiences.

Published • 3 min read

IoT in Action: 4 innovations that are revolutionizing IoT 

By Director, Channel Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping every industry from manufacturing to medicine, and opportunities to transform business are nearly limitless. And while IoT is a complicated endeavor requiring multiple partners, skillsets, and technologies, new innovations are making projects easier to deploy, more secure, and more intelligent than ever.