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Farzana Rahman

Vice President of Program Management, Health and Standards
Farzana Rahman is the Vice President of Program Management for the Health and Standards (H+S) organization at Microsoft. With a tenure at Microsoft dating back to 1995, Farzana has been a driving force behind innovation and adoption in various Windows platforms, including Windows Update. She now oversees the mission-critical charter of providing health solutions to customers to efficiently operate and manage their systems across cloud and edge with improved observability, resiliency, efficiency, and sustainability. Beyond her professional achievements, Farzana is passionate about learning, travel, designing clothes, and in charity to help communities in this world. She is married with two and half children—two humans and a dog who are a source of joy and constant personal growth. 

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Achieving sustainable growth with Azure and FinOps best practices  

With Azure Carbon Optimization, engineering and IT teams can use ready-to-consume insights and recommendations for optimizing their carbon emissions, all within the Azure portal. Microsoft Azure emissions insights enable data analysts and engineers to dive deeper into emissions data, allowing them to slice and dice the data and perform deeper analytics using Microsoft Fabric. 

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