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Are you going to be one of the first to see what’s next? AzureCon is next week on Tuesday, September 29th, 9:00 am PDT, mark your calendar.

In just one week, Azure experts will be diving into exclusive keynotes, demos and providing over 60 sessions built out for any level of cloud expertise. Customers will be sharing their stories and best practices from embracing the power and flexibility of the cloud. To enhance the experience, we wanted to do something more: hands-on Azure access to practical learnings.

Announcing the AzureCon Challenge.

The challenge is a series of 15 activities where you complete short (15 – 20 minutes), practical exercises using Azure. You will even get your own one month/$50 Azure subscription to do the challenges with and you don’t need anything else other than a web browser to do them. Each activity will get you points – 50 points to be exact, provided you answer correctly the challenge question. Azure experts will be available to assist you if you get stuck.  

At any time, you can trade in your points for amazing prizes but of course the best prizes require you to complete more challenges. Prizes include:

  • Azure subscriptions
  • Solo headphones and mic combo
  • Jabra conference speakerphone
  • Surface 3

Not only is it a challenge of skill and nerve – you will only get one chance at the question, but it’s a race as well – a race to amass points to trade in for prizes before the limited supply of prizes is all gone. 

To participate in the AzureCon Challenge, go to the AzureCon site on September 29th. The challenge kicks off at 12:00 pm PDT and will run for just 24 hours. Let the games begin!

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