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Application Insights Analytics integrated help through IntelliSense

Publicado el 17 noviembre, 2016

Program Manager, Azure Log Analytics

When you edit a query in Application Insights Analytics, you can see IntelliSense makes suggestions as you type, offering auto-completion and descriptive help of each operation or function. Switching back and forth between the query editor and the language reference page can be tedious and very time consuming, and this is why IntelliSense can be of great help, making it very easy to learn and use the query language, and be confident about the queries you’re writing.

Now, IntelliSense has been boosted to include a lot more helpful information.

Analytics Integrated Help Through IntelliSense

If you’re familiar with Application Analytics’ query editor, then you’ve already experienced IntelliSense helping you with command-specific information. This is generated on-the-fly by analyzing the query and the current context in it. Here’s the familiar quick view, now suggesting auto-completion including command syntax and a short description:

Analytics Integrated Help Through IntelliSense

But auto-completion is just the beginning! At the right end of this view, a new icon appears: “i”. Click the icon (or just Ctrl-Space) to switch to the extended view, which is the real big news. Here you can find an integrated help – offering immediate access to command examples, elaborate syntax, argument details, and even tips on how to best use it:

Analytics Integrated Help Through IntelliSense
Instead of wasting time searching for help, IntelliSense brings it right to you!