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Archivos mensuales: julio 2021

Enhance your cloud skills and accelerate digital transformation with Inside Azure for IT

lunes, 12 de julio de 2021

Over the last year, we’ve seen accelerated cloud adoption and digital transformation across every industry—all aimed at optimizing business operations, saving money, and enhancing customer experiences. Today, we’re introducing Inside Azure for IT, a new online technical skilling program with resources designed for cloud professionals of all skill levels. Use the new resource to stay current on Azure best practices and get your questions answered by our technical experts so you can transform IT operations to drive business growth and innovation.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Core

Advancing application reliability with the Azure Well-Architected Framework

lunes, 12 de julio de 2021

We created the Azure Well-Architected Framework to help improve the quality of your workloads, and reliability is one of its five core pillars so for the latest post in our series, I have asked Cloud Advocate David Blank-Edelman to run through how best to approach using the framework to guide your conversations and design decisions in this space.

Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

Privileged Identity Management with Azure Lighthouse enables Zero Trust

jueves, 8 de julio de 2021

Recent incidents from ransomware to supply chain compromises have shown both the interconnectedness of our digital world and the critical need to secure these digital assets from attackers, criminals, and other hostile third parties. To achieve this, our customers need Zero Trust security and least privilege access for users and resources.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Compute

Advancing resiliency threat modeling for large distributed systems

miércoles, 7 de julio de 2021

All service engineering teams in Azure are already familiar with postmortems as a tool for better understanding what went wrong, how it went wrong, and the customer impact of the related outage. For today’s post in our Advancing Reliability blog series, we share insights into our journey as we work towards advancing our postmortem and resiliency threat modeling processes.

Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

Power your genomic data analysis on Azure with Azure CycleCloud

miércoles, 7 de julio de 2021

At Microsoft, we recognize the challenges faced by the genomics community and are striving to build an ecosystem that can facilitate genomics computing work for all. We’ve focused our efforts on three main core areas: research and discovery in genomics data, building out a platform to enable rapid automation and analysis at scale, and optimized and secure pipelines at a clinical level. One of the core Azure services that has enabled us to leverage an HPC environment to perform the genomic analysis is Azure CycleCloud.

Healthcare Business Architect, Microsoft Consulting Services

Use New Relic One para supervisar sin esfuerzo las aplicaciones en Azure Spring Cloud

jueves, 1 de julio de 2021

Hoy anunciamos la integración de la supervisión del rendimiento con New Relic One en Azure Spring Cloud. Durante los últimos 18 meses, hemos trabajado con muchos clientes empresariales para conocer sus escenarios. Muchos de estos clientes tienen miles de aplicaciones de Spring Boot que se ejecutan en centros de datos locales. A medida que migran estas aplicaciones a la nube, deben instrumentarlas para supervisar su rendimiento (APM) con herramientas que sus desarrolladores ya conocen. Ahora, con la integración de New Relic One en Azure Spring Cloud, puede continuar su recorrido e instrumentar fácilmente las aplicaciones de Spring Boot.

Principal PM Architect, Java on Azure