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    May 2019

    May 22

    Now available: PowerShell cmdlets for Azure Monitor metric and log alerts

    PowerShell cmdlets for new metric alerts and log alerts are now available. This release improves the management of alert rules by providing cmdlets to create, update, delete and list new metric alerts. Similarly, new cmdlets are available for creating, updating, deleting and listing log alerts for both Log Analytics and Application Insights.

    May 22

    General Availability: Time zone choice for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

    Time zone choice for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance eliminating need for any changes in the existing applications when migrating to cloud is now generally available.

    May 22

    Mapping Data Flows feature is now available in Azure Data Factory

    The new Mapping Data Flows feature in Azure Data Factory allows Data Engineers to visually design, debug, manage, and operationalize data transformations at scale in the cloud.

    May 21

    Azure Monitor classic alerts retirement date extended to August 31st, 2019

    Azure Monitor classic alerts retirement date which was originally scheduled for June 30th, 2019 is being extended to August 31st, 2019 to provide customers more time to voluntarily migrate their classic alerts. You can migrate your classic alerts today using the migration tool. After August 31st, 2019 we will perform an automatic migration on your behalf.

    May 20

    Generation 2 virtual machines in Azure – Public Preview

    Generation 2 (UEFI Boot) Virtual Machines available in Azure for public preview

    May 19

    Azure Security Center new Azure Linux analytics agent

    Azure Security Center is beginning roll out of a new Azure Linux analytics agent to improve the onboarding of Linux VMs and servers to Security Center

    May 17

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) now supports Windows Server containers

    Use managed Kubernetes for all of your workloads whether they’re in Windows, Linux or both.

    May 16

    Kubernetes integration with Azure Pipelines is now available

    You can now use GitHub identity to login into the Azure DevOps portal. In addition, you can take your GitHub repo all the way to Kubernetes using a YAML based multistage pipeline.

    May 16

    Network Security Group service tag for Azure Backup is now available

    NSG service tag for Azure Backup aims to ease the process of running backups in an environment locked down using NSGs. With this, you now have the option to simply use the ‘AzureBackup’ tag to allow outbound access to Azure Backup for your workload (SQL server) agent running inside the VM, instead of managing whitelisting of required IPs.

    May 15

    Upgraded Gremlin API functionality for Azure Cosmos DB is now available

    Enhanced Gremlin functionality in Cosmos DB Gremlin API is now available.

    May 15

    Enhanced SQL API query functionality in Azure Cosmos DB is now available

    Azure Cosmos DB SQL API provides support for Distinct, Skip & Take, Correlated Subquery, and Composite indexes.

    May 15

    Slow query log integration with Azure Monitor for Azure Database for MariaDB is now supported

    Azure Database for MariaDB users can now take advantage of generally available support for slow query log integration with Azure Monitor, which allows you to export your logs to Azure Monitor logs (previously named Log Analytics), Event Hubs, and Azure Storage.

    May 15

    The Orafce extension on Azure Database for PostgreSQL is now available

    Now generally available, the orafce extension is supported on Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

    May 15

    Read replica across regions for Azure database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL

    Cross-region asynchronous replication is now in preview for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

    May 15

    Azure Cosmos DB Operator role for role-based access control (RBAC) is now available

    Azure Cosmos DB now provides a new RBAC role: Cosmos DB Operator. This new role lets you provision Azure Cosmos accounts, databases, and containers, but can’t access the keys that are required to access the data.

    May 15

    Enhanced Azure Resource Manager support for Azure Cosmos DB is now available

    Azure Cosmos DB now provides support for databases, containers, and offers in Azure Resource Manager.

    May 14

    General Availability: Azure Dev Spaces

    Azure Dev Spaces is now available in the East US, East US 2, Central US, West US 2, North Europe, West Europe, UK South, Southeast Asia, Australia East, Canada Central, and Canada East regions.

    May 13

    General Availability: Public IP Prefix

    Public IP Prefix, a reserved range of static IP addresses, is generally available in all Azure public regions, China cloud regions, and Government cloud regions.

    May 8

    Azure Lab Services update: Address range feature now available

    In Azure Lab Services, we now added the ability to provide address range of virtual machines for the labs.