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    April 2019

    Apr 23

    Public Preview: Microsoft adds full IPv6 support for Azure VNets

    Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Connectivity allows you to bring your private IPv6 space into Azure and enables connectivity over IPv6 within your Virtual Networks.

    Apr 23

    Public Preview: Resource Change History API

    With the last 14 days of resource changes, the public preview of the new Change History capability within the Azure Resource Graph API enables you to find when changes were detected on an Azure Resource Manager property and see what properties changed as part of that change event.

    Apr 17

    Azure Container Registry singularity image files (SIF) support is now in preview

    Support for storing singularity image files (SIF) in Azure Container Registry based on the OCI distribution-based container registries specification is now available in preview.

    Apr 17

    Web Application Firewall for Azure Front Door is in preview

    With web application firewall (in preview), you can define security policies that allow, block, or rate limit access to your web applications delivered through Front Door.

    Apr 17

    Pod security policy for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is now available in preview

    Pod Security Policy enables customers to control sensitive aspects of a pod specification by defining a set of conditions that a pod must run with in order to be accepted.

    Apr 10

    Preview of Azure virtual network service endpoint policies expanded to four new regions

    The public preview of Azure virtual network policies for Azure Storage was expanded to four new US regions on March 25.

    Apr 10

    Update 19.04 for Azure Sphere public preview now available for evaluation

    The Azure Sphere public preview 19.04 quality release is available today via the Retail Evaluation feed. The regular Retail OS feed will continue to deliver version 19.03; we plan to upgrade it to 19.04 in two weeks.

    Apr 10

    Public Preview: Time zone choice for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

    Azure SQL Database Managed Instance now brings even more compatibility by offering a choice of time zone to eliminate need for any changes in the existing applications when migrating to cloud.

    Apr 10

    AzCopy Preview now supports Amazon Web Services S3 as a data source

    Target availability: Q2 2019

    AzCopy Preview (v10) now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 as a data source and can copy an entire AWS S3 bucket (or even multiple buckets) to Azure Blob storage.

    Apr 8

    Azure Policy for AKS is now in private preview

    Apply at-scale enforcements and safeguards for AKS clusters in a centralized, consistent manner through Azure Policy.

    Apr 5

    Azure FXT Edge Filer is in public preview

    The Avere FXT Edge Filer solution is currently being previewed. This redesigned hardware takes advantage of Avere Systems’ software technology to accelerate network-attached storage (NAS) environments and expand access to Azure Blob.

    Apr 3

    Public preview: Windows Server 2019 container support in Azure App Service

    Windows Server 2019 Container Support is now available in the public preview of Windows Containers on Azure App Service.

    Apr 3

    Azure Functions Premium plan

    The Premium Plan is a new hosting option for Function Apps which provides pre-warmed workers to run your app with no delay after being idle, VNET connectivity, and more powerful hardware, without compromising on latency or scale

    Apr 3

    Azure Security Center for IoT in public preview

    Azure is now the first major public cloud with end-to-end security for IoT for your devices, hubs and cloud resources. We are adding advanced threat protection for IoT to three key services: Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel and Azure IoT Hub.

    Apr 2

    Anomaly Detector is now available

    Anomaly Detector, a new service within Azure Cognitive Services, is now available for developers. Easily embed anomaly detection capabilities into your apps to quickly identify problems and help minimize loss and customer impact.

    March 2019

    Mar 29

    Update 19.03 for Azure Sphere public preview now available in Retail feed

    The 19.03 release marks the beginning of a planned release schedule of one major feature release and two minor quality releases per quarter.

    Mar 28

    Public preview: Data Discovery & Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    Data Discovery & Classification is now available in public preview for Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

    Mar 27

    Public preview: Windows Server container support in Azure App Service

    Windows Server containers in Azure App Service are now available in public preview.

    Mar 21

    Windows Virtual Desktop now in public preview

    Get started today with Windows Virtual Desktop in public preview. Deploy and scale Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes.

    Mar 18

    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster autoscaler is in preview

    AKS cluster autoscaling lets you scale more efficiently and run applications without downtime.