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Azure updates

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    January 2019

    Jan 28

    Azure DNS: Getting ready for DNS Flag Day

    Domains hosted on any Microsoft DNS service, including Azure DNS and Traffic Manager, will continue to work after DNS Flag Day. Customers don't need to take any action at this time.

    September 2018

    Sep 25

    What's new in Azure DNS: Alias records

    Azure DNS now supports alias records for DNS zones.

    Sep 24

    Azure DNS Alias Records Generally Available

    Azure DNS has a new feature available now: alias records This feature lets you map your DNS records to an Azure Traffic Manager profile or a public IP resource such that your DNS zone tracks changes to the IPs associated with those resources.

    June 2018

    Jun 22

    General availability: Metrics in Azure Traffic Manager

    Azure Traffic Manager provides metrics for monitoring the health status of endpoints in a profile and the amount of traffic that a profile receives. These metrics are now generally available.

    October 2017

    Oct 15

    Azure API Management Analytics PowerBI solution template

    The Azure API Management Analytics PowerBI template allows you to create engaging, customizable dashboards that illustrate traffic flowing through your Azure API Management instance.

    September 2017

    Sep 26

    Azure Traffic Manager traffic view

    With traffic view, Azure Traffic Manager customers will now be able to understand where their user bases are located (up to a local DNS resolver level granularity), the volume of traffic originating from these regions, and the representative latency experienced.

    Sep 26

    Azure Traffic Manager real user measurements

    Real user measurements will enable customers to influence the routing decisions made by Azure Traffic Manager, when using the performance routing method, to provide even lower latency for their users than is currently possible.

    June 2017

    Jun 30

    Azure Traffic Manager—Fast Failover and TCP Probing

    Two new features in Azure Traffic Manager are now generally available—Fast Failover and TCP Probing.

    Jun 15

    General availability: Fast Failover and TCP Probing in Azure Traffic Manager

    In Azure Traffic Manager, two new features related to endpoint health are now generally available: Fast Failover and TCP Probing.

    March 2017

    Mar 30

    Traffic Manager available only in the Azure portal from April 3

    Starting April 3, 2017, the Azure Traffic Manager service will be available only in the Azure portal.

    January 2016

    Jan 22

    Preview: Azure App Service cloning now available between regions

    Now you can clone an existing web app to a newly created app in a different region or in the same region.

    June 2015

    Jun 24

    General availability: Azure Key Vault

    Key Vault is generally available to help cloud application developers safeguard keys and other secrets.

    April 2015

    Apr 29

    Public preview: Network Resource Provider APIs released

    Manage your Azure network resources by using new REST-based Resource Provider APIs.

    October 2014

    Oct 28

    General Availability: Traffic Manager Nested Profiles

    Traffic Manager Nested Profiles enable you to create more flexible and powerful load balancing and failover schemes to support the needs of larger, more complex deployments.

    September 2014

    Sep 25

    Azure pricing updates

    We are lowering public list prices for many higher-level Azure services by 27 percent or more. For specifics, see the table. We’re also adjusting rates for our commitment plans—and introducing a new six-month offer.

    Sep 10

    Azure PowerShell 0.8.8

    The new release adds support for Role-based access control, SQL Database auditing support in Azure Resource Manager mode and more

    June 2014

    Jun 26

    Traffic Manager support for weighted traffic distribution

    Azure Traffic Manager’s round robin load-balancing method now supports weights.

    Jun 9

    Azure PowerShell 0.8.3

    This PowerShell release includes updates for Web Sites, Traffic Manager, and individual cmdlets.

    May 2014

    May 12

    Azure PowerShell 0.8.1 and 0.8.2

    New support for Managed Cache, Azure Automation, Traffic Manager and the Anti-Malware Cloud Service extension.

    May 12

    Traffic Manager support for external endpoints

    Manage traffic for endpoints that live inside or outside of Azure.