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Azure updates

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    February 2019

    Feb 4
    Feb 1

    Extend alerts created in the Azure Government cloud's OMS portal to Azure

    Azure Government customers who use the OMS portal can now extend their log query–based alerts to the Azure portal.

    January 2019

    Jan 28

    What's new in Azure Log Analytics – January 2019

    A lot has changed recently in the Azure Log Analytics UX. This post covers some of the latest updates, to help you make the most of the log experience.

    Jan 28

    In Development - AKS control plane audit Logs

    Allows customers to investigate suspicious API requests, collect statistics, and create monitoring alerts.

    December 2018

    Dec 26

    Log Analytics solutions and views will soon drill in to the new Logs UX

    Three months ago, we announced the new Azure Monitor Logs UX. Starting in early January, solutions and views will open the new Logs UX instead, offering an improved query editor and a full schema view.

    Dec 20

    Azure Log Analytics is available in West US 2

    Azure Log Analytics is now available and can be built in West US 2.

    November 2018

    Nov 16

    Enhancements to NSG flow logs for Azure Network Watcher

    Enhancements to NSG flow logs (version 2) are available in the West Central US region. They include per-flow throughput statistics.

    Nov 12

    Azure Monitor log support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

    SQL Data Warehouse now enables enhanced insights into analytical workloads by integrating directly with Azure Monitor diagnostic logs.

    October 2018

    Oct 18

    Send your Azure Active Directory data to Azure Log Analytics

    The ability to forward your Azure Active Directory logs to Azure Log Analytics is now available.

    Oct 18

    General availability: Metric alerts for logs

    Metric alerts for logs are generally available, enabling use of metric alerts for popular logs ingested by Log Analytics workspaces.

    Oct 12

    Azure API Management update October 11

    Learn about the latest regular update to Azure API Management.

    Oct 3

    Log Analytics language documentation site has moved

    The language documentation site of Log Analytics and Application Insights has been merged into the standard Log Analytics documentation.

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Azure Data Explorer

    Perform ad-hoc queries on terabytes of data with Azure Data Explorer—a lightning-fast indexing and querying service for data exploration. Use Azure Data Explorer for analytics of log and telemetry data from websites, applications, and IoT devices.

    Sep 24

    Azure Firewall now generally available

    Azure Firewall is a managed cloud-based network security service that protects your Azure Virtual Network resources. It's a fully stateful firewall as a service with built-in high availability and unrestricted cloud scalability.

    Sep 20

    General availability: Event Hubs for Node.js

    Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Node.js is now generally available.

    Sep 10

    Power BI Embedded integration with Azure Diagnostics

    Power BI Embedded is integrated with Azure Diagnostics logs, so you can dive into specific behaviors of the resource and better understand root causes for peaks in usage or errors.

    Sep 10

    General availability: Event Hubs for Go

    Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Go is generally available.

    Sep 6

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse enables streaming solutions with Azure Databricks

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) customers can build near real-time analytics solutions with tighter integration with Azure Databricks.

    Sep 4

    General availability: Event Hubs for Python

    Version 1.0 of the Python package for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available.

    August 2018

    Aug 30

    New log experience in the Azure portal

    We have brought the Analytics portal in Application Insights and the Advanced Analytics portal in Log Analytics into the Azure portal.