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Azure updates

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    September 2018

    Sep 26

    Azure IoT Edge 1.0.2 release

    The 1.0.2 update for Azure IoT Edge contains extended offline and proxy support.

    Sep 26

    Stream Analytics: Query extensibility with C# UDF on Azure IoT Edge

    Developers who create Stream Analytics modules for Azure IoT Edge can now write custom C# functions and invoke them right in the query through user-defined functions.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions

    Azure Functions 2.0 runtime is now generally available

    Sep 24

    C# UDF for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge now in preview

    C# user-defined functions (UDF) support for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge is now available in preview.

    Sep 24

    Enhancement for Map Control for Azure Maps now available

    Azure Maps is a portfolio of geospatial APIs that allows developers to build solutions with up-to-date geocoding, routing, IP geolocation, and other location-based services. An improved Map Control API with new features designed to enable intuitive and insightful data layering and visualizations is now available.

    Sep 24

    Azure Data Studio is now available

    Previously released under the name of SQL Operations Studio, Azure Data Studio offers a modern editor experience for managing data across multiple sources with fast intellisense, code snippets, source control integration, and an integrated terminal. Azure Data Studio is engineered with the data platform user in mind, with built-in charting of query result-sets and customizable dashboards.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions—Functions runtime 2.0 now generally available

    The cross platform and improved Azure Functions runtime is now generally available, allowing you to use your cross-platform .NET Core assets within your Functions apps.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions—Consumption plan for Linux in preview

    Azure Functions now supports consumption plan for deploying to Linux.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions—Python support in preview

    Azure Functions now supports Python development using Python 3.6 on the Functions v2 (cross-platform) runtime.

    Sep 24

    Azure IoT Edge—extended edge offline support

    Extended edge offline support is a new feature of Azure IoT Edge in preview that offers robust offline operation.

    Sep 24

    Azure Digital Twins

    Azure Digital Twins enables organizations to model the relationships and interactions among people, places, and devices. The platform provides predefined and extensible twin object models to build virtual representations of the physical world and contextually-aware solutions that are aligned to specific industry domains.

    Sep 20

    General availability: Event Hubs for Node.js

    Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Node.js is now generally available.

    Sep 10

    General availability: Event Hubs for Go

    Version 1.0 of the Azure Event Hubs package for Go is generally available.

    Sep 6

    Announcing general availability of Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid

    The integration will simplify the architecture and development of IoT applications.

    Sep 4

    General availability: Event Hubs for Python

    Version 1.0 of the Python package for Azure Event Hubs is now generally available.

    August 2018

    Aug 30

    New log experience in the Azure portal

    We have brought the Analytics portal in Application Insights and the Advanced Analytics portal in Log Analytics into the Azure portal.

    Aug 29

    Azure API Management update August 28

    Learn about the latest regular update to Azure API Management.

    Aug 22

    Azure IoT Edge 1.0.1 release

    The 1.0.1 update for Azure IoT Edge contains improvements to the runtime and documentation.

    Aug 14

    Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 breaking changes

    The upcoming release of the Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 introduces some major improvements, but some of these changes will cause breaks to existing apps deployed with the v2 runtime.

    July 2018

    Jul 13

    Azure Functions Runtime x Preview—breaking change for HttpTrigger for Java

    A new version of the Azure Functions Runtime will be deployed soon. It uses the latest version of Azure Java Functions Library v1.0.0-beta-5, which has breaking changes that affect HttpTrigger Java functions.