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Azure updates

Learn about important Azure product updates, roadmap, and announcements. Subscribe to notifications to stay informed.

September 2018

Sep 17

Azure API Management update September 14

Learn about the latest regular update to Azure API Management.

August 2018

Aug 29

Azure API Management update August 28

Learn about the latest regular update to Azure API Management.

Aug 3

Azure API Management update August 3

Learn about the most recent regular update to Azure API Management.

July 2018

Jul 16

Batch services and advanced routing services for Azure Maps

New features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users, along with users who need advanced functionality.

Jul 15

Azure Maps unveils satellite imagery, batch services, and advanced geospatial functionality

Azure Maps is releasing satellite and hybrid imagery, dark gray-scale map styling, IP lookup service, batch services, and advanced geospatial functionality.

June 2018

Jun 12

Azure Batch updates

Here are the latest new or enhanced capabilities for Azure Batch.

May 2018

May 9

Session windows in Azure Stream Analytics

Session windows are available in Azure Stream Analytics.

March 2018

Mar 19

Public preview: Low-priority VMs on virtual machine scale sets

Low-priority VMs on scale sets enable users to significantly save on costs for their fault-tolerant, flexible workloads.

February 2018

Feb 15

Public preview: Automatic OS image updates in virtual machine scale sets

A new capability is in preview: automatic guest OS image updates in scale sets.

November 2017

Nov 16

Name changes: Azure Batch Rendering V-Ray

Effective January 1, 2018, the billing meter name for the Chaos Group V-Ray software will change to reflect the correct name of the software.

October 2017

Oct 15

Azure Batch AI Service

Azure Batch AI Preview is now available. Azure Batch AI Preview helps you train and test deep learning and other machine learning models using GPU and CPU clusters.

Oct 13

Azure Batch updates

Learn about recent Batch updates for custom images, virtual networks, low-priority GA, and more.

Oct 13

Public preview: Azure Batch AI

The Batch AI service enters public preview on October 9.

September 2017

Sep 26

Adaptive query processing support for Azure SQL Database

SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL Database introduce a new generation of query processing improvements that will adapt optimization strategies to your application workload’s runtime conditions.

Sep 21

Azure Cloud Shell: New CLI tools added and font-size selection

Microsoft routinely maintains and updates Azure Cloud Shell, including the addition of new CLI tools to improve your productivity. Learn about the CLI tools we recently added.

August 2017

Aug 17

Azure Batch updates

Recent Batch updates for rendering, job task counts, and exposing ports on pool nodes.

July 2017

Jul 12

Azure Batch updates

Application packages can be used with VirtualMachineConfiguration pools, new metrics are available for low-priority VMs, and new template and file transfer capabilities are available in the Azure CLI for Batch.

May 2017

May 24

Azure Batch updates for May 2017

Here's a summary of recent updates to Azure Batch.

May 12

Azure Functions Runtime for Windows

Azure Functions Runtime will soon be in preview. The Runtime release will extend the innovations in Functions to devices on premises, or anywhere outside the Azure cloud.

May 12

Azure Batch Rendering Service

Azure Batch Rendering accelerates large scale rendering jobs to deliver results to our customers faster.