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Azure updates

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July 2018

Jul 25

New query features in Azure Search

Azure Search has two new features that are now generally available. The autocomplete API feature searches an existing index to suggest terms to complete a partial query. The synonyms functionality feature allows for Azure Search to not only return results matching the query terms typed into the search box, but to also return results that match synonyms of the query terms that you've defined.

Jul 16

Batch services and advanced routing services for Azure Maps

New features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users, along with users who need advanced functionality.

Jul 16

What’s new in Azure Monitor—container health

New feature updates to have been released for Azure Monitor container health for Azure Kubernetes Service since the successful public preview launch at the //build conference.

Jul 15

Azure Maps unveils satellite imagery, batch services, and advanced geospatial functionality

Azure Maps is releasing satellite and hybrid imagery, dark gray-scale map styling, IP lookup service, batch services, and advanced geospatial functionality.

June 2018

Jun 11

Tags to group, filter, and search APIs, operations, and products

Users can add and manage tags—text labels—to APIs, operations, and products. Tags allow better group, filter, and search in deployments with a large number of entities.

May 2018

May 31

General availability: Azure Maps

Azure Maps is now generally available.

May 29

Log Analytics query language recommendations for Summarize and Join operators

For the Summarize and Join operators, we recommend that you modify your query syntax where applicable in saved searches and alerts, to avoid result ambiguity.

May 15

Name changes: Azure Maps

Azure Maps is generally available. Easily incorporate maps, search, routing, traffic, and other location information directly into your apps.

May 7

Azure Maps now Generally Available

Azure Maps is now Generally Available

May 7

Azure Cognitive Search

Cognitive Search, a new preview feature in the existing Azure Search service, includes an enrichment pipeline allowing you to find rich structured information from documents. That information can then become part of your Azure Search index.

April 2018

Apr 24

Deprecating the Log Search API for Azure Log Analytics

The Log Search API will be deprecated during the week of April 30, 2018.

February 2018

Feb 8

Azure Search—Better performance and scale features

New paid Azure Search services subscriptions in select regions will be powered by machines with significantly higher performance.

January 2018

Jan 26

Azure Search—New enterprise security features

Azure Search is expanding its enterprise security capabilities with two new features.

December 2017

Dec 21

Preview: Azure SDK for Go 12.0.0

Preview version 12.0.0-beta of the Azure SDK for Go is now available to help you use Azure services from Go applications. To get it, run `go get -u` or use dep.

Dec 6

Azure portal update for classic portal users

To provide a single, streamlined experience for Azure portal users, we will be sunsetting the Azure classic portal on January 8, 2018.

October 2017

Oct 12

Preview: Update management, inventory, and change tracking in Azure Automation

Azure Automation now supports update management, inventory, and change tracking. These capabilities are currently in preview.

August 2017

Aug 9

Azure Log Analytics updates

With Azure Log Analytics, you can collect and correlate data from multiple sources to get a unified dashboard view and gain insights to detect and mitigate IT issues.

June 2017

Jun 14

Azure SQL Analytics solution preview

SQL Analytics, a solution based on Azure Log Analytics, will help manage and monitor your Azure SQL databases. Get visibility into the health, performance, and usage of your SQL databases using dashboard views, with detailed reporting and alerting built into the solution.

May 2017

May 11

Synonyms for Azure Search

Support for synonyms in Azure Search, soon to be in preview, is one of our most requested features on UserVoice. Synonyms functionality will allows for Azure Search to not only return results that match the query terms that were typed into the search box, but also return results that match synonyms of the query terms.

May 10

Azure Search indexer for Azure Cosmos DB

If you're looking to implement great search experiences over your Azure Cosmos DB data, use the Azure Search indexer for Azure Cosmos DB.