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Azure updates

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August 2018

Aug 27

Cross-subscription disaster recovery for Azure virtual machines

Azure Site Recovery supports cross-subscription disaster recovery for virtual machines. You can configure DR for Azure IaaS applications to a different subscription with in the same Azure Active Directory tenant.

Aug 22

Data Factory supports service principal and MSI authentication for Azure Blob connectors

Azure Data Factory now supports service principal and MSI authentication for Azure Blob connectors.

July 2018

Jul 25

Azure App Service support for Java SE 8 on Linux now in preview

Azure App Service now supports Java SE 8 on Linux (in preview). Java web apps can now be built and deployed on a highly scalable, self-patching web hosting service where bug fixes and security updates will be maintained by Microsoft.

Jul 10

General availability: Microsoft-hosted Linux and macOS agents in VSTS Sprint 137 Update

In the Sprint 137 Update of Visual Studio Team Services, we've removed the "Preview" moniker from our Linux and macOS Microsoft-hosted CI/CD agents and made them generally available.

Jul 6

Azure Security Center update July 1

The Azure Security Center update on July 1 includes many features, including a redesigned overview dashboard and new security recommendations.

June 2018

Jun 27

Announcing the preview for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 offers a no-compromise data lake. It unifies the core capabilities from the first generation of Azure Data Lake with a Hadoop compatible file system endpoint now directly integrated into Azure Blob Storage. This enhancement combines the scale and cost benefits of object storage with the reliability and performance typically associated only with on-premises file systems. This new file system includes a full hierarchical namespace that makes files and folders first class citizens, translating to faster, more reliable analytic job execution.

Jun 13

Delegate administration of applications in Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory now offers three administrator roles for application management to improve access control capabilities.

May 2018

May 30

Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration improvements

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2B Collaboration now has an improved experience for giving partners access to business resources, while also supporting organizations' obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

May 21

Azure Blockchain Workbench

Azure Blockchain Workbench, a new developer tool, makes it easier to build blockchain applications on Azure. With a few clicks, deploy an Azure-supported blockchain network that’s pre-integrated with a set of cloud services commonly needed to create working blockchain applications, such as Azure Active Directory, Key Vault, and SQL Database.

May 7

Public preview: Azure Blockchain Workbench

Quickly start and scale blockchain projects with Azure Blockchain Workbench.

April 2018

Apr 25

Microsoft Graph Security API now available

Simplify integration of Microsoft and partner security solutions with the Microsoft Graph Security API. The security API empowers customers and partners to build on the intelligent security graph.

March 2018

Mar 23

Data Factory supports Azure AD authentication for SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Data Factory V2 supports Azure AD authentication for Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse, as an alternative to SQL Server authentication.

February 2018

Feb 8

Azure Active Directory B2C—new features available

To help you improve the sign-in user experience and security for your users, we're announcing new features in preview and general availability.

January 2018

Jan 26

Azure Search—New enterprise security features

Azure Search is expanding its enterprise security capabilities with two new features.

Jan 3

Change the subscription directory in the Azure portal

The classic portal feature Edit Directory is now available in the Azure portal.

December 2017

Dec 14
Dec 8

Media Services SDKs for Java and PHP support Azure Active Directory Authentication

Azure Media Services client SDKs for both Java and PHP now support Azure Active Directory authentication.

November 2017

Nov 17

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a high-performance Apache Spark-based platform optimized for Azure.

Nov 9

Windows Server system state backup to Azure

Backing up your Windows Server system state to Azure gives you a very simple, secure and cost-effective way of protecting Windows Servers.

Nov 7

Azure Media Services October 2017 updates

The October 2017 release of Azure Media Services includes updates for file-based encoding and media analytics.