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    September 2017

    Sep 19

    Storage add-ons now generally available in Azure SQL Database

    Now generally available, storage add-ons allow the purchase of extra storage without having to increase DTUs or eDTUs.

    August 2017

    Aug 23

    Azure Cloud Shell: Generate scripts by using mssql-scripter

    Use mssql-scripter, an open-source command-line interface, to generate database scripts in Azure Cloud Shell.

    July 2017

    Jul 19

    Azure SQL DB: Generate scripts by using mssql-scripter

    You can use mssql-scripter on Linux, macOS, and Windows to generate DDL and DML T-SQL scripts for database objects in SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

    June 2017

    Jun 30

    Azure SQL Data Sync generally available

    Azure SQL Data Sync provides unidirectional and bidirectional data synchronization capabilities between Azure SQL Database and SQL Server endpoints deployed anywhere in the world.

    Jun 23

    Azure SQL Database accessible only through the Azure portal from July 1, 2017

    Azure SQL Database will be accessible only through the Azure portal from July 1, 2017.

    Jun 14

    Azure SQL Analytics solution preview

    SQL Analytics, a solution based on Azure Log Analytics, will help manage and monitor your Azure SQL databases. Get visibility into the health, performance, and usage of your SQL databases using dashboard views, with detailed reporting and alerting built into the solution.

    May 2017

    May 2

    Newly created Azure SQL databases will be encrypted at rest by default

    All new Azure SQL databases will be encrypted with transparent data encryption by default, to make it easier for everyone to benefit from encryption at rest.

    April 2017

    Apr 26

    Azure SQL Database security threat detection

    Azure SQL Database threat detection will provide a new layer of security by detecting suspicious activities that indicate potential security threats.

    Apr 26

    Azure SQL Database security updates

    Azure SQL Database will introduce new security features in preview including Row-level Security, Dynamic Data Masking, and Transparent Data Encryption. Together, these will help customers further support organizational and industry compliance policies.

    March 2017

    Mar 1

    New T-SQL string functions in Azure SQL Database

    New T-SQL string functions are available in Azure SQL Database.

    February 2017

    Feb 23

    Public preview: Loading files from Azure Blob storage into Azure SQL Database

    Azure SQL Database enables the direct load of files stored in Azure Blob storage by using BULK INSERT and OPENROWSET commands.

    January 2017

    Jan 19

    Public preview: Interactive query experience for SQL databases

    You can experience an interactive query experience directly in the Azure portal.

    Jan 4

    Public preview: String and binary columns in clustered columnstore indexes

    Clustered columnstore indexes support NVARCHAR(MAX), VARCCHAR(MAX), and VARBINARY(MAX) columns.

    December 2016

    Dec 28

    Public preview: New T-SQL language features

    JSON functions, computed columns, and the CROSS APPLY operator are added in memory-optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures in Azure SQL Database.

    Dec 28

    Public preview: New Japanese collations are available in Azure SQL Database

    New Japanese collations _XJIS_140 and Japanese_Bushu_Kakusu_140 are available in Azure SQL Database. The new collations support Ideographic Variation Sequences that are used in the Japanese language.

    Dec 7

    Query Store is turned on by default for Azure SQL Database

    Effective immediately, Query Store is turned on by default in all new and existing databases in Azure SQL Database (including elastic database pools).

    November 2016

    Nov 9

    General availability: In-Memory OLTP in Azure SQL Database Premium

    In-Memory OLTP is generally available in all Azure SQL Database Premium databases and enables large performance gains for transaction processing. Columnstore indexes enable large performance gains for analytics queries.

    October 2016

    Oct 12

    General availability: Temporal tables in Azure SQL Database

    You can use temporal tables to track the full history of data changes directly in Azure SQL Database, without the need for custom coding.

    September 2016

    Sep 29

    Improved automatic tuning boosts Azure SQL Database performance

    Now customers can run their production workload in SQL Database for a day, and Advisor will provide relevant tuning recommendations to improve performance.

    Sep 6

    Major update to SQL Database Advisor makes database performance tuning much faster

    SQL Database Advisor is now significantly faster when tuning your database performance, requiring only a day of activity before producing the tuning recommendations.