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    May 2019

    May 13

    Improvements to the Azure portal user experience are now available

    Announcing exciting updates that improve the user experience in the Azure portal

    • Microsoft Azure portal
    • Azure Resource Graph
    • Application Gateway
    • Activity Log
    • Management
    • Microsoft Build

    April 2019

    Apr 23

    Public Preview: Resource Change History API

    With the last 14 days of resource changes, the public preview of the new Change History capability within the Azure Resource Graph API enables you to find when changes were detected on an Azure Resource Manager property and see what properties changed as part of that change event.

    • Azure Resource Graph
    • Compliance
    • Management
    • SDK and Tools

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Azure governance services

    Azure governance services updates

    • Azure Blueprints
    • Azure Policy
    • Azure Resource Graph
    • Cost Management
    • Microsoft Ignite
    Sep 24

    Azure Resource Graph in preview

    Azure Resource Graph, now in preview, enables fast exploration of your resources for efficient inventory management.

    • Azure Resource Graph
    • Microsoft Ignite
    • Services