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February 2021

Feb 17

Azure NetApp Files | Volume hard quota change


The Azure NetApp Files behavior of volume and capacity pool provisioning will change to a manual and controllable mechanism beginning March 15th, 2021. This means that application users will have more control over provisioned capacity pool space and associated cost.

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January 2021

Jan 1

Public preview | Azure NetApp Files : Application Consistent Snapshot tool (AzAcSnap)


AzAcSnap leverages the volume snapshot and replication functionalities in Azure NetApp Files and Azure Large Instance.

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October 2020

Oct 5

Public Preview: Azure NetApp Files Manual QoS Capacity Pool


Azure NetApp Files (ANF) manual quality of service (QoS) capacity pool allows you to assign the capacity and throughput for a volume independently.

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  • Open Source

September 2020

Sep 17

Public Preview of Azure NetApp Files Cross Region Replication (CRR) capability


Replicate Azure NetApp Files volumes from one Azure region to another in a fast and cost-effective way, protecting your data from unforeseeable regional failures.

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May 2020

May 19

Azure NetApp Files—New certifications, increased SLA, expanded regional availability


The SLA guarantee for Azure NetApp Files has increased to 99.99 percent. In addition, NetApp Files is now HIPAA and FedRAMP certified, and regional availability has been increased.

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August 2019

Aug 7

Azure NetApp Files is now available in three new regions


Azure NetApp Files is now available in three new regions: Central US, Australia East, and South East Asia.

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