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November 2014

Nov 18

HDInsight Cluster Customization by using Script Action


HDInsight clusters can now be customized to run a variety of Hadoop projects, including Spark and R Modules, by using Script Action.

  • HDInsight
Nov 13

HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio


HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio: Write Hive queries and view Hive jobs right from Visual Studio.

  • HDInsight
Nov 12

Public Preview: Azure Operational Insights


Operational Insights is an Azure-based service that is tailored for IT operations teams. It leverages the power of Azure HDInsight to glean machine data across environments, and turns the data into real-time operational intelligence to enable better-informed business decisions.

  • HDInsight

October 2014

Oct 28

Public Preview: Hortonworks and Cloudera images in the Marketplace


You now have the ability to run your Big Data Hadoop workloads as a preconfigured Azure VM, using your choice of Cloudera Enterprise or Hortonworks HDP operating on Linux.

  • HDInsight
  • Virtual Machines
Oct 15

Preview: Azure HDInsight delivering stream and hybrid processing


With the public preview of Apache Storm clusters, HDInsight can now also process real-time events. In addition, we’ve teamed up with Hortonworks to deliver hybrid data connectors between on-premises and cloud deployments.

  • HDInsight
Oct 13

Virtual Network (VNET) support for HDInsight is now generally available

Virtual Network (VNet) support for HDInsight is now generally available. In addition to HBase clusters, now you can provision Hadoop clusters in a VNet. HDInsight supports deploying only into a location-based VNet.

  • HDInsight

August 2014

Aug 15

General Availability: Azure HDInsight in Japan West and US Central


Host Azure HDInsight in Japan West and US Central with the same service-level agreement coverage available in other regions worldwide.

  • HDInsight
Aug 1

New regions for HDInsight: East Asia, North Central US, and South Central US

HDInsight has now expanded its geographical presence to three new regions: East Asia, North Central US, and South Central US.

  • HDInsight

June 2014

Jun 26

New enhancements to HDInsight


HDInsight 3.1 (HDP 2.1) is now generally available and includes enhancements to HBase, Mahout and Tez.

  • HDInsight
Jun 9

Azure PowerShell 0.8.3

This PowerShell release includes updates for Web Sites, Traffic Manager, and individual cmdlets.

  • App Service
  • HDInsight
  • Traffic Manager
  • Virtual Machines
Jun 6

Preview: HBase clusters in the HDInsight Service


The preview of Apache HBase clusters is available in the HDInsight Service. HBase is a low-latency NoSQL database that allows online transactional processing of big data.

  • HDInsight

April 2014

Apr 3

Cluster Operating System Update for HDInsight Clusters

Newly created HDInsight clusters will run on Windows Server 2012 R2, have .NET 4.5 available, and allow inbound connections to any executable on worker nodes.

  • HDInsight

March 2014

Mar 19

General Availability: Hadoop 2 in Azure HDInsight


New deployment and performance improvements are part of the Hadoop 2.2 in Azure HDInsight GA release.

  • HDInsight

January 2014

Jan 17

ISO Certification expanded to include more Azure services

Azure ISO Certification expanded to include SQL Database, Active Directory, Traffic Manager, Web Sites, BizTalk Services, Media Services, Mobile Services, Service Bus, Multi-Factor Authentication, and HDInsight.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • App Service
  • BizTalk Services
  • Cloud Services
  • HDInsight
  • Media Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Service Bus
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Storage Accounts
  • Traffic Manager
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Network
  • Security

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