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    May 2019

    May 7

    Durable Functions now supports a new stateful entities pattern

    Durable Functions now supports a new stateful entities pattern, enabling you to build stateful Azure Functions that map to an actor.

    April 2019

    Apr 29

    PowerShell support in Azure Functions

    With the preview of PowerShell support in Azure Functions, it is now possible to automate operational tasks and take advantage of the native Azure integration to modernize the delivering and management of services.

    March 2019

    Mar 6

    SignalR Service bindings

    Azure Functions can now use bindings for SignalR Service to send real-time data to web applications as part of the function executions. The binding is supported for all generally available languages, including C#, JavaScript, and Java.

    February 2019

    Feb 25

    Tooling improvements for TypeScript support in Azure Functions

    The TypeScript developer experience in Azure Functions has improved. New tools include the Azure Functions Core Tools and the Azure Functions Extension for Visual Studio Code, as well as a npm package that contains type definitions for using TypeScript with Azure Functions and some npm scripts to abstract some func commands.

    Feb 25

    Azure Functions, Java Support GA

    Azure Functions now has GA support for Java development on the Functions 2.0 runtime.

    August 2018

    Aug 14

    Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 breaking changes

    The upcoming release of the Azure Functions Runtime 2.0 introduces some major improvements, but some of these changes will cause breaks to existing apps deployed with the v2 runtime.

    June 2018

    Jun 26

    General availability: Managed Service Identity for App Service and Azure Functions

    App Service and Azure Functions support of Managed Service Identity (MSI) is now generally available.

    May 2018

    May 16

    HTTP/2 configuration available in the Azure portal

    HTTP/2 configuration is available in the Azure portal, to make the selection of HTTP/2 a seamless process with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    May 2

    Breaking change for SNI-SSL host names on Azure App Service

    Sites that have SNI-SSL selected will not be able to work with TLS 1.0 selected, if receiving traffic from older browser versions.

    April 2018

    Apr 17

    Configuration of TLS versions in App Service and Functions apps now available

    Explicitly set the TLS version for individual Azure App Service and Azure Functions hosted applications.

    Apr 16

    HTTP/2 support for Azure App Service is now available

    Support for the HTTP/2 protocol, the top customer request for Azure App Service, is now globally available for all apps hosted on App Service.

    September 2017

    Sep 26

    Azure Functions support for .NET Core

    Azure Functions will now support .NET Core, allowing Functions code to target .NET Core.

    Sep 26

    Azure Functions support for Graph bindings and custom bindings

    We're enhancing the Azure Functions bindings support to allow developers to build their own bindings, which means if a customer has a custom data source, they will be able to easily create bindings for it in Azure Functions.

    Sep 25

    Develop Azure functions on any platform

    We have ported Azure Functions to .NET Core 2.0. Both the runtime and the Azure Functions Core Tools are now cross-platform.

    Sep 14

    Managed Service Identity support for App Service and Azure Functions

    App Service and Azure Functions support creating and using system-managed identities to work with other Azure resources. This allows apps to integrate with services without requiring any service principal management.

    April 2017

    Apr 10

    New integrated portal for Azure Functions

    Azure Functions has a new portal experience that is more streamlined and more integrated with the rest of the Azure portal.

    Apr 6

    Azure Functions integration with Application Insights

    With minimal effort, you can add Application Insights to your Azure functions and have a powerful tool for monitoring your applications.

    March 2017

    Mar 30

    Preview: Azure Functions Open API (Swagger) support

    Support for editing and hosting Open API 2.0 (Swagger) metadata in Azure Functions is in preview.

    February 2017

    Feb 22

    Public preview: Azure Functions Proxies

    Azure Functions Proxies, now in public preview, makes it easier to develop APIs by using Azure Functions. Functions Proxies lets you define a single API surface for multiple function apps.

    November 2016

    Nov 16

    General availability: Azure Functions

    The Azure Functions experience is generally available, including the consumption compute model (formerly called "dynamic compute").