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Azure updates

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September 2018

Sep 24

Azure Container Registry tasks

Azure Container Registry tasks, previously known as Azure Container Registry build, enables inner-loop development in the cloud with on-demand container image builds.

Sep 24

Azure Container Registry—Helm repositories in preview

As customers deploy multi-container applications, Helm has evolved as the defacto standard to describe Kubernetes-based applications. With Helm repositories, customers can push their Helm Charts to Azure Container Registry, providing a single source of truth for their images and deployment definitions running in Kubernetes.

Sep 24

Azure Container Registry—Open Container Initiative (OCI) support in preview

Azure Container Registry now supports OCI image format. Using projects like BuildKit, build and push OCI formatted container images.

Sep 24

Azure Container Registry tasks—Multi-step capability now in preview

Use Azure Container Registry tasks, now in preview, to define a series of steps to build, test, and validate your containers before they're deployed.

May 2018

May 21

Azure Container Registry

Azure Container Registry provides a managed Docker registry service to store and manage private container images.