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    May 2019

    May 6

    Azure Policy for AKS is now in public preview

    Azure Policy now has the capability of adding policy controls inside your AKS clusters including pods, namespaces and ingress

    April 2019

    Apr 8

    Azure Policy for AKS is now in private preview

    Apply at-scale enforcements and safeguards for AKS clusters in a centralized, consistent manner through Azure Policy.

    March 2019

    Mar 15

    Azure Security Center policy migration to Azure Policy

    Azure Security Center policy updates are now performed from Azure Policy.

    February 2019

    Feb 25

    Azure Policy non-compliance reasoning and change history features

    New functionalities have been added to Azure Policy, including root cause analysis and change tracking features.

    November 2018

    Nov 10

    Azure Policy now audits applications installed inside virtual machines

    Azure Policy Guest Configuration provides the capability to audit settings inside VMs on Azure. The newest policy offers the ability to check for known applications installed inside VMs on Azure.

    September 2018

    Sep 24

    Public preview: Guest Configuration feature for Azure Policy

    A new feature is in preview for Azure Policy. Azure customers now have native tooling that offers visibility inside virtual machines to server and application settings across their subscriptions.

    Sep 24

    Azure Policy for Azure DevOps

    Azure Policy integration with Azure DevOps is now available.