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October 2016

Oct 19

Update: Automation Graphical Authoring SDK

An update to the public preview of the Microsoft Azure Automation Graphical Authoring SDK has been released.

  • Automation

August 2016

Aug 12

Azure Automation available in North Europe and Canada Central regions

Azure Automation is now available in the Azure North Europe and Canada Central regions.

  • Automation
Aug 12

Send runbook job status and job streams from Automation to Log Analytics

Monitor and create alerts for Automation runbooks by sending job status and streams to Log Analytics (Operations Management Suite).

  • Automation
  • Log Analytics
  • Azure Monitor
Aug 9

Azure Automation will begin redirecting users to the new portal in September

Azure Automation will begin redirecting users from the classic Azure portal to the new Azure portal on September 1, 2016.

  • Automation
Aug 5

Automation: Classic Run As account

You can now create a Classic Run As account from the Azure portal.

  • Automation

July 2016

Jul 7

Automation schedules support time zones and daylight saving

Azure Automation schedules now support time zones and adjust for daylight saving based on the schedule’s time zone.

  • Automation

May 2016

May 26

Automation scheduling feature update

Automation supports weekly and monthly schedules. With these recurrence options, you can select days of the week or days of the month for your schedule to run on.

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May 23

Run your own custom Automation tasks in response to VM alerts

When you create an alert rule on an Azure virtual machine, you can run your own custom task when the alert is triggered. New alert remediation tasks are also available.

  • Alerts
  • Automation
  • Virtual Machines
May 18

Automation: New graphical runbook type based on native PowerShell

Azure Automation introduces a new graphical runbook type based on native PowerShell. It provides quick runbook starts and easier authoring.

  • Automation
May 18

Automation Runbook Gallery update

The Azure Automation Runbook Gallery supports script content from the PowerShell Gallery.

  • Automation

April 2016

Apr 15

Southeast Australia region available for Azure Automation

Azure Automation is available in the Azure Southeast Australia region.

  • Automation
Apr 15

Automation: Run As account

In Azure Automation, you can create an Azure Run As account (service principal) to use for authenticating with Azure when managing Azure Resource Manager resources.

  • Automation

March 2016

Mar 30

Update: Automation Hybrid Worker

An update to Automation Hybrid Worker has just been released.

  • Automation
Mar 16

Update: Automation Graphical Authoring SDK

An update to the public preview of the Microsoft Azure Automation Graphical Authoring SDK has been released.

  • Automation
Mar 16

Automation: Activity output object properties exposed to simplify graphical runbook authoring

To save you time when you author graphical runbooks in Azure Automation, the authoring UX exposes the property hierarchy of activity output objects so that you can choose to use a selected object property as input to another activity.

  • Automation

February 2016

Feb 24

Azure Automation classic portal redirect to new Azure portal spring 2016

UPDATE March 15, 2016: Automation is rescheduling the retirement of the classic portal to a later time in spring 2016. ORIGINAL POST: Azure Automation will retire the classic portal in early March, and the new Azure portal will become the sole access point.

  • Automation
Feb 2

Automation: Updated ARM modules shipping in the service

Azure Automation has released updated versions of the Azure ARM modules in the service.

  • Automation
Feb 1

Automation module gallery

The Azure Automation module gallery provides the ability to import modules from the PowerShell Gallery without leaving your Automation account.

  • Automation

January 2016

Jan 22

Public preview: Automation Graphical Authoring SDK

The Microsoft Azure Automation Graphical Authoring SDK enables developers to create and edit graphical runbooks for use with the Azure Automation service.

  • Automation
Jan 14

General availability: Azure Automation Desired State Configuration


With Azure Automation Desired State Configuration, you can consistently deploy, reliably monitor, and automatically update the desired state of all your IT resources, at scale, from the cloud.

  • Automation

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