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January 2018

Jan 23

New region for App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers

You can now create an App Service plan for Linux in Australia Southeast, in addition to the previously announced regions.

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Jan 18

Change in Mercury DB and Titan DB service plans

ClearDB is discontinuing the Mercury DB and Titan DB service plans in the Azure platform.

  • App Service
Jan 8

February version updates for PHP on App Service

In February 2018, Azure App Service will update the PHP stacks to the latest available versions.

  • App Service

December 2017

Dec 14

PHP updated to latest versions for App Service

In January 2018, Azure App Service will update the PHP stacks to the latest available versions.

  • App Service
Dec 2

PHP stacks updated to the latest versions

As of December 2017, we have updated the PHP stacks to these latest available versions.

  • App Service

October 2017

Oct 17

Announcing the new VNet Integration feature in App Service

For Azure App Service, a new version of the VNet Integration capability enables access to resources across service endpoints or Azure ExpressRoute connections.

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Oct 11

Retirement of the PHP 5.5 runtime from App Service

Target availability: Q1 2018

To avoid the potential for security issues on App Service, we plan to retire our support of PHP 5.5 in January 2018. Currently, we support PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1.

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Oct 9

Auto-renewal of SSL certificates in App Service

All SSL certificates issued for Azure App Service before March 31, 2017, will receive an email to re-verify their domain at the time of renewal. You'll get this email even if auto-renewal is enabled for your certificate.

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September 2017

Sep 26

Azure App Service new premium tier


The New premium tier from Azure App Service is now generally available.

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Sep 14

Managed Service Identity support for App Service and Azure Functions

App Service and Azure Functions support creating and using system-managed identities to work with other Azure resources. This allows apps to integrate with services without requiring any service principal management.

  • App Service
  • Azure Functions
Sep 8

General availability: App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers


Azure App Service is generally available on Linux, including its Web App for Containers capability.

  • App Service

July 2017

Jul 10

PHP updates to latest versions

In the last release of the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service, we have updated the PHP stacks to the latest available versions.

  • App Service

June 2017

Jun 27

Announcing support for installing public certificates in App Service

Azure App Service now supports installing public certificates in personal certificate stores.

  • App Service
Jun 21

Announcing custom host names with App Service


We recently made changes in the host-name management model for Azure App Service.

  • App Service
Jun 1

Azure BizTalk Services: Simplifying our Azure offerings

Target availability: Q2 2019

We have incorporated the Azure BizTalk Services capabilities into Logic Apps and Azure App Service Hybrid Connections.

  • App Service
  • Logic Apps
  • BizTalk Services

May 2017

May 10

Introducing the Azure app (preview)


With the Azure mobile app, you can check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources, get notifications and alerts, and perform simple operations to resolve common issues.

  • Alerts
  • API Management
  • App Service
  • Azure Monitor
  • Logic Apps
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Cloud Services
  • HDInsight
  • Scheduler
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Azure DevOps
  • Web Apps
May 2

Azure App Service diagnostics GA


Azure App Service diagnostics is an intelligent and interactive experience to help you troubleshoot your web app with no configuration required. When you do run into issues with your web app, App Service diagnostics will point out what’s wrong to guide you to the right information to more easily and quickly troubleshoot the issue.

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March 2017

Mar 30

Preview: Azure Functions Open API (Swagger) support

Support for editing and hosting Open API 2.0 (Swagger) metadata in Azure Functions is in preview.

  • App Service
  • Azure Functions
Mar 22

Create a WordPress application by using Web Apps on Linux

WordPress for App Service on Linux, available in the Azure Marketplace, helps you quickly create a WordPress application on Web Apps (Linux).

  • App Service
Mar 7

General availability: MySQL in-app feature


The MySQL in-app feature is generally available and supports one-click export/import of a local development database to a production database.​

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