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Monthly updates for May 2023

May 23

Announcing the public preview of custom Text Analytics for health


Target availability: Q2 2023

Custom Text Analytics for health is the newest healthcare NLP offering from Cognitive Services for Language. It allows you to add a layer of customization on top of Text Analytics for health using state-of-the-art machine learning models to build your own healthcare entity extraction model with your specific domain data. The model's authoring experience can be performed either using the graphical user interface on the Language Studio or programmatically using the REST APIs. The feature is now in public preview allowing you to make 5,000 text records of predictions per language resource for free using the Standard (S) pricing tier.

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May 12

We're retiring Speech-to-text REST preview API v3.1-preview.1 on May 12, 2023

Target retirement date: May 12, 2023

We recently made the Speech-to-text REST API version 3.1 generally available. With this release, we'll retire the preview version v3.1-preview.1 on May 12, 2023.

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