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Monthly updates for Managed Disks: July 2021

Jul 19

Shared disks on Azure Disk Storage are now generally available on all Premium SSD and Standard SSD sizes


Shared disks can now be leveraged on smaller Premium SSDs from 4GiB to 128 GiB and all Standard SSDs from 4 GiB to 32 TiB. This expands shared disk support to Ultra Disk, Premium SSD, and Standard SSD enabling you to optimize for different price and performance options based on your workload needs.

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Jul 13

Disk pool for Azure VMware Solution now in public preview


With disk pool, Azure VMware Solution customers can now access Azure Disk Storage for high-performance, durable block storage. Customer can scale their storage independent of compute and handle their growing data needs more cost-effectively.

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Jul 6

Virtual Machine (VM) level disk bursting is now generally available on more VM types


Disk bursting at the virtual machine level is now available for the following virtual machines: Dsv4, Dasv4, Ddsv4, Esv4, Easv4, Edsv4, Fsv2 and B-series virtual machines. This enables your workloads to handle unforeseen disk traffic spikes smoothly without the need to overprovision your virtual machine.

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