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Monthly updates for July 2020

Jul 21

Azure IoT Connector for FHIR now in preview


Azure IoT Connector, a feature of Azure API for FHIR, is now available for preview in additional Azure regions. It enables remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and clinical trial scenarios by ingesting health data from medical and non-medical devices in a secure, scalable, and compliant manner.

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Jul 21

Now install network virtual appliances directly into an Azure Virtual WAN hub


Several new capabilities for Azure Virtual WAN are now in preview—including the option to install network virtual appliances directly into a virtual WAN hub as an option for SD-WAN connectivity.

  • Virtual WAN
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Jul 8

Introducing Azure Load Balancer Insights using Azure Monitor for Networks


Azure Load Balancer customers now have instant access to a preconfigured solution for health monitoring and configuration analysis enabling rapid fault localization and informed design decisions.

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Jul 8

Text Analytics for health is now available in preview


The health feature of Text Analytics uses natural language processing techniques to find and label valuable information in unstructured clinical documents such as doctor’s notes, discharge summaries, clinical documents, and electronic health records.

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