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Monthly updates for Azure SQL Database: December 2019

Dec 30

Service-aided subnet configuration for managed instance in Azure SQL Database is now available


To address customer security and manageability requirements, managed instance, a deployment capability of Azure SQL Database, is transitioning from a manual to service-aided subnet configuration.

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Managed Instance
Dec 18

Azure SQL Database managed instance meter PITRs name changes

Effective February 1, 2020, the meter names of Azure SQL Database managed instance point-in-time restore (PITR) backup will change.

  • Managed Instance
  • Azure SQL Database
Dec 18

Azure SQL Database Gen 4 hardware approaching end of life in 2020

Target retirement date: December 18, 2019

Azure SQL Database is beginning the decommissioning process of Gen 4 Intel E5-2673 v3 (Haswell)-based CPUs and is transitioning to Intel E5-2673 v4 (Broadwell) 2.3 GHz and Intel SP8160 (Skylake) processors for all new deployments.

  • Azure SQL Database
Dec 4

Easily monitor backup storage costs for Azure SQL databases and elastic pools


Easily monitor backup storage costs for your single databases and elastic pools directly from the Azure portal.

  • Azure SQL Database


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