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Monthly updates for October 2019

Oct 29

The unique identifier for your Azure billing account has changed


Your billing account’s unique identifier, which is used to identify your billing relationship with Microsoft, has changed. This change only affects accounts under the Microsoft Customer Agreement with Microsoft—it doesn’t impact other agreements like Enterprise Agreement.

Oct 23

Azure Service Fabric 6.5 fifth refresh release


The Azure Service Fabric 6.5 fifth refresh release includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Oct 23

Changes are coming to the Azure Sphere SDK in the next release


The next release of the Azure Sphere SDK will bring significant enhancements in response to great feedback from the community.

  • Azure Sphere
Oct 23

Batch API for Blob Storage

Batch API for Azure Blob Storage preview simplifies development of your applications that make several concurrent API requests to Blob storage. Batch API reduces the number of connections a client has to open, manage and distribute the requests to by allowing multiple API calls to be embedded into a single HTTP request. Currently the API supports two types of sub-requests: SetBlobTier for Block Blobs and DeleteBlob, with more requests to follow. This API is available starting version 2018-11-09.

  • Blob Storage
Oct 9

Azure Sphere 19.09 release adds new use cases for enterprise customers


Update 19.09 for Azure Sphere public preview now available in Retail feed

  • Azure Sphere


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