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    Monthly updates for July 2019

    Jul 26

    New Analytics reports and Azure Boards app available for Slack

    In the Sprint 155 Update of Azure DevOps, we are introducing new Azure Boards reports to make it easier for you to track important team metrics. You will see the new reports under the Analytics tab in the Boards, Backlog and Sprint hubs.

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    Jul 18

    Microsoft adds new features to IPv6 support for Azure VNets

    IPv6 for Azure VNETs enables you to expand into the growing mobile and IoT markets with your Azure-based applications and to address IPv4 depletion in your own networks.

    • Virtual Network
    • Services
    Jul 15

    Network Performance Monitor is Generally Available in Central India

    Network Performance Monitor is now available in Central India region.

    • Network Performance Monitor
    • Management
    • Regions & Datacenters
    Jul 15

    Azure Container Registry—Self diagnostic health check support in the Azure CLI

    Easily self-diagnose the most common issues with registry connectivity using Azure Container Registry Health Check APIs.

    • Container Registry
    • Features
    Jul 12

    General availability: Azure Log Analytics in SOUTH AFRICA NORTH, BRAZIL SOUTH, UK WEST and NORTH CENTRAL US

    SOUTH AFRICA NORTH, BRAZIL SOUTH, UK WEST and NORTH CENTRAL US regions are now GA for customers to start collecting telemetry and analyze their services for health and usage by using Azure Log Analytics.

    • Azure Monitor
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    Jul 12

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in East and South East Australia regions

    Azure Monitor for VMs is now available in East Australia and South East Australia. Around the world, it is available in nine public regions.

    • Azure Monitor
    • Virtual Machines
    • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
    • Service Fabric
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    Jul 1

    Azure Monitor for Containers: Enhanced search on live data and other updates available

    Feature Updates enhanced search on live data, node storage/network performance on AKS, and data collection filter

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    • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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