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Monthly updates for Azure DevOps: July 2019

Jul 31

Azure DevOps Roadmap update for Q3 of 2019


The engineering team behind Azure DevOps is constantly at work delivering enhancements and new features across our services. We recently added new capabilities at an unprecedented pace for Azure DevOps. The highlights listed below are just a few of the new features coming in the next few months. Visit the DevOps feature timeline for a complete list.

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Jul 26

New Analytics reports and Azure Boards app available for Slack


In the Sprint 155 Update of Azure DevOps, we are introducing new Azure Boards reports to make it easier for you to track important team metrics. You will see the new reports under the Analytics tab in the Boards, Backlog and Sprint hubs.

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Jul 5

Azure DevOps adds new features including bi-directional traceability between Releases and Jira issues


We are releasing the Azure Pipelines for Jira app to the Atlassian marketplace. The integration adds links to Jira issues as work items deployed with the releases and allows you to view deployment details directly in Jira issues.

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