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Monthly updates for August 2017

Aug 24

Azure Cosmos DB—Event driven architectures with Change Feed Processor library


Build event-driven architectures and receive a real-time stream of database updates with Azure Cosmos DB change feed.

  • Azure Cosmos DB
Aug 23

Azure Cloud Shell: Generate scripts by using mssql-scripter

Use mssql-scripter, an open-source command-line interface, to generate database scripts in Azure Cloud Shell.

  • Cloud Shell
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure portal
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
Aug 23

Azure Monitor: New capabilities for diagnostic settings


In Azure Monitor, you can now create multiple resource diagnostic settings per resource (in public preview) and route your metrics and logs to a destination in a different subscription.

  • Azure Monitor
Aug 21

Azure Data Catalog enhanced permissions

Recent updates have added new capabilities to the Standard Edition of Azure Data Catalog to give Data Catalog administrators more control over allowed operations on catalog metadata.

  • Data Catalog
Aug 21

Azure Event Grid


Azure Event Grid is an innovative offering that will make an event a first-class object in Azure. With Azure Event Grid, you will be able to subscribe to any event that's happening across your Azure resources, and react using serverless platforms like Functions or Logic Apps.

Aug 17

Azure Data Catalog support for relationships and related data assets

Recent updates have added new capabilities to Azure Data Catalog to deliver support for relationships between registered data assets, and discovering related data assets in the Data Catalog portal.

  • Data Catalog
Aug 17

Azure Batch updates

Recent Batch updates for rendering, job task counts, and exposing ports on pool nodes.

  • Batch
Aug 17

Public preview: Azure Event Grid


Enable event-based reactive programming in Azure.

Aug 14

Azure Monitor: Alerts on management events will be retired

Target availability: Q4 2017

Alerts on management events will be retired after October 1, 2017, as the functionality has transitioned to Activity Log Alerts.

Aug 9

General availability: Azure DNS in Microsoft Azure Germany


Azure DNS is now generally available in Microsoft Azure Germany.

  • Azure DNS
Aug 9

Azure Log Analytics updates


With Azure Log Analytics, you can collect and correlate data from multiple sources to get a unified dashboard view and gain insights to detect and mitigate IT issues.

  • Log Analytics
  • Azure Monitor
Aug 2

Azure Site Recovery available in US DoD and new Azure Government regions

Azure Site Recovery is now available in all Azure Government regions (US DOD Central, US DOD East, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Texas, US Gov Iowa, US Gov Virginia).

  • Azure Site Recovery
Aug 2

Azure Backup available in US DoD and new Azure Government regions

Azure Backup has expanded its service to cover all Azure Government regions.

  • Azure Backup


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