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Monthly updates for March 2017

Mar 17

L-Series storage-optimized virtual machines


L-Series virtual machines are optimized for storage-intensive workloads and offer four new VM sizes.

  • Virtual Machines
Mar 15

SELECT..INTO comes to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

You can now use SELECT..INTO in your SQL code when you want to persist the results of a SELECT statement into a table.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics
Mar 15

General availability: Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB API


Migrate your Mongo DB apps and use familiar MongoDB tool chains, skills, and drivers to code against the Azure Cosmos DB database engine with ease.

  • Azure Cosmos DB
Mar 8

Managed node can support Hybrid Runbook Worker and Update Management simultaneously


A node that's managed through Operations Management Suite can support Hybrid Runbook Worker and Update Management simultaneously.

Mar 7

General availability: MySQL in-app feature


The MySQL in-app feature is generally available and supports one-click export/import of a local development database to a production database.​

  • App Service
Mar 7

Azure Data Catalog is ISO, CSA STAR, HIPAA, EU Model Clauses compliant

Azure Data Catalog is ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, HIPAA, CSA STAR, and EU Model Clauses compliant.

  • Data Catalog
Mar 6

Export your App Service certificate to any Azure service

You could already use the Azure portal to deploy an App Service certificate to App Service apps. Now, you can export a certificate and use it anywhere in Azure.

  • App Service
Mar 4

Azure DevTest Labs: Claim a random virtual machine through a single click

Now you can claim a random VM from the claimable VM pool through a single click in Azure DevTest Labs.

  • Virtual Machines
  • Azure DevTest Labs
Mar 1

Public preview: Instant file recovery from the cloud by using Azure Backup


In Azure Backup, you can restore files and folders instantly from cloud-based recovery points without provisioning any additional infrastructure, and at no additional cost.

  • Azure Backup
Mar 1

WebJobs SDK 2.0 released

WebJobs SDK 2.0 includes many breaking changes and bug fixes that customers asked for.

  • App Service
Mar 1

New T-SQL string functions in Azure SQL Database


New T-SQL string functions are available in Azure SQL Database.

  • Azure SQL Database


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