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Azure for AWS Professionals

Courses for Amazon Web Services (AWS) professionals who wish to add Azure to their skill set. Learn the most common Azure architectural, development, and operational tasks much easier by leveraging your current AWS Knowledge.

Build practical job skills you can start using right away.

Time to complete learning paths: 7h 9m + practice labs

Free registration. Courses provided free in partnership with Pluralsight.


Microsoft Azure Development for AWS Developers with Node.js

This course will teach developers with experience in AWS the differences in the Microsoft Azure environment for building full stack Node.js applications in Azure.


Microsoft Azure Administration for AWS Administrators

Learn how to map AWS services to their Azure counterparts, and how to perform the most important AWS administrative tasks in Azure. Gain a well-rounded understanding of the similarities and differences between AWS and Azure.


Microsoft Azure Architecture for AWS Architects

This course provides an easy to consume, yet critical way as an AWS architect to translate your knowledge to Azure. This will enable you to architect Azure-based solutions with minimal relearning.