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SLA for VPN Gateway

Last updated: July 2016

We guarantee 99.9% availability for each VPN Gateway.

Version History

1.4 Last updated: April 2019
Release notes: Updated summary and Service Credit table to clarify all Gateway for VPN and Gateway for ExpressRoute SKUs covered by SLA.

1.3 Last updated: June 2017
Release notes: Updated summary and credit tables to include new generation gateways: VpnGw1, VpnGw2 and VpnGw3

1.2 Last updated: September 2016
Release notes: Updated the Summary statement to include all VPN Gateway types

1.1 Last updated: July 2016
Release notes: “Updated monthly uptime percentage in the Service Credit table for Standard Gateway for VPN or ExpressRoute / High Performance Gateway for VPN or ExpressRoute”

1.0 Last updated: May 2015