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SLA for Cloud Services

Last updated: May 2015

For Cloud Services, we guarantee that when you deploy two or more role instances in different fault and upgrade domains, your Internet facing roles will have external connectivity at least 99.95% of the time.

Version History

1.5 Last updated: April 2017
Release notes: Added ‘X 100’ to the monthly uptime availability formula to fix a typo.

1.4 Last updated: March 2017
Release notes: Corrected typos related to upgrade domains and removed Fault Domain definition which was not referenced in the SLA.

1.3 Last updated: November 2016
Release notes: Updated to include Role Instance connectivity in the Downtime definition

1.2 Last updated: July 2016
Release notes: Updated SLA to include Role Instance connectivity

1.1 Last updated: April 2016
Release notes: Moved the Virtual Machine section out of Cloud Services SLA to the Virtual Machines SLA

1.0 Last updated: May 2015