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    Support for Webhook support for initiating Python3 Automation Runbook

    Support for Webhook support for initiating Python3 Automation RunbookThis will enable to pass the Variable data using Webhook to Python3 Automation Runbook.Current webhook functionality only supports Powershell Scripts.I request Developement team to support Python3 Runbooks too for this feature.Ashish KesarkarIndiaReference Note:

    Redis patched updates

    Today, beside schedule the Redis patch updates, we can't know when there is actual patch installed.The installation of a patch may cause timeouts/errors/fails (according to MS support team), and thus, we as a customers can't know weather the errors caused by our code or because of an installed patch.If we'll have an ability to know when patches were installed, we'll be able to identify the root cause of the fails/errors.

    Kerberos-application gateway support

    Currently customer want to let application gateway v2 NGINX server deploy NTML and Kerberos authentication which is currently not supported by Application Gateway V2.So we want to know the route map that how to fix this issue in the future.

    Invoice for each subscription

    I want to generate separate invoices for each of my subscription. I should be able to control what resource/subscription goes in which invoice.

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