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Azure for manufacturing

Keep pace with customer needs and market trends—plus drive business transformation—by modernizing to a smart factory with Azure.

Innovation and technology that’s reshaping the industry

Achieve agility, save costs, and increase resilience in your supply chain by migrating to Azure. Your move to intelligent manufacturing starts with an enterprise-ready cloud that powers complex industrial operations at global scale.

Azure cloud-based technology for industry

To meet the challenges manufacturers face, take a data-centric approach to your business with Azure. Provide personalized experiences, gain visibility across your end-to-end supply chain, and build innovative business models—with secure and scalable manufacturing cloud-based technology.

Engage customers in new ways

Build stronger relationships with your customer base by using Azure to deliver better experiences across marketing, sales, and service channels.

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Explore some manufacturing use cases for Azure

Remote manufacturing operations

Connect equipment across the factory floor to predict risks, reduce downtime, and optimize operations with intelligence. Track assets and performance, run what-if scenarios, and tune equipment with AI using real-time historical data.

Automated quality control

Use AI systems that detect defects through image recognition and other parameters on the assembly line, allowing for early-stage intervention, improved quality, and reliability in real-time.

Inventory planning and optimization

Use AI and machine learning to combine your existing internal sales data with external data to optimize inventory, increase forecasting accuracy, reduce costs, and enhance customer service levels.

Manufacturing customers are doing great things with Azure


Microsoft named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Industrial IoT Platforms

Build your manufacturing 4.0 practices with these tools

Azure AI and machine learning

Capitalize on the potential of Industry 4.0 with intelligent manufacturing operations and supply chain powered by proven and responsible AI practices.

Azure Industrial IoT

Help securely connect new and existing industrial machinery to the cloud with open manufacturing solutions that support brownfield connectivity and enable system interoperability.

Azure Stack

Build and deploy hybrid and edge-computing intelligent manufacturing applications and run them consistently across location boundaries.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize your operational and supply chain data of any variety, volume, or velocity to pave your way to smart manufacturing.

High-performance computing

Rapidly iterate on product design to reduce time to market and improve product quality with scalable and secure on-demand infrastructure.

Mixed reality

Blend your digital world and physical world to create immersive, collaborative experiences across the manufacturing floor and beyond.

SAP on Azure

Run your IoT manufacturing and supply chain operations with SAP workloads on Azure.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Enable a secure remote desktop experience from virtually anywhere.

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Explore partner manufacturing solutions


Spyglass Connected Factory

Monitor situations that create defects and slow production using Spyglass Connected Factory. Maintain quality and output with suggested previously approved instructions and investigate, validate, and remediate issues.

Sight Machine

Sight Machine on Azure

Transform operational technology data into useful information in real time, and make better, faster decisions—anytime, anywhere. Deliver and scale productivity, quality, and sustainability solutions using system-level visibility and dynamic insights into your production needs.


Factory Insights as a Service

Quickly connect individual sites and implement projects across your manufacturing network with this SaaS-based cloud solution. Deliver use cases that build a foundation for digital transformation and provide insights to performance, assets, and workforce.

ABB Group

ABB Ability Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for pulp and paper

Move from a throughput-based environment to a financial production environment with enterprise software that helps you make better decisions by understanding cost impact.

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