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Azure high-performance computing (HPC) for energy

Optimize all stages of upstream oil and gas industry exploration, appraisal, completion, and production

Get high scalability with low latency, high-bandwidth InfiniBand interconnectivity between virtual machines (VMs) for large-scale, tightly coupled HPC workloads

Energy HPC scenarios

Reservoir simulations

Improve economic recovery by simulating highly complex, large-scale reservoir models. Run optimization algorithms on top of your reservoir simulation tools to improve estimation of reserves.

Seismic imaging and modeling

Identify potential reservoirs with confidence by quickly ingesting and processing growing sets of seismic data. Visualize the reconstructed subsurface geology with seismic imaging and modeling on GPU-powered workstations using software tools of your choice, including proprietary, commercial, and open-source technologies.

Powerful infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for the energy industry

  • Perform memory-intensive seismic imaging and reservoir simulations on HB v2 Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). HB v2-series VMs are three times faster than most on-premises HPC hardware.​
  • Use HB and HC VMs for memory bandwidth-bound and compute-bound reservoir simulations.
  • Use NV VMs for 3D reservoir modeling and visualizing seismic data.
  • Get high-performance seismic data-processing with Cray ClusterStor, a Lustre-based, bare-metal, fully managed HPC storage solution with three times more throughput than traditional Lustre storage options.

Learn how energy industry customers are innovating with Azure HPC

"We chose Azure Machine Learning because it offers a rich, end-to-end AI ecosystem that provides the features we need to bring solutions to market quickly."

Lance Goodship, Enterprise Architect, AI​, BP

"We only have a finite amount of time to extract data, and oftentimes the data that's left behind is valuable. With this new technology, we're able to extract everything and then decide what we can use to improve our performance."

Diane Cillis, Engineering Technologist​, Chevron Canada

"Embracing the cloud is an important part of that effort because it frees us up from having to manage hardware, storage, servers—all things that aren't our core business—and we can scale and spin up resources as needed."

Brian Khoury, IoT and Data Architecture Supervisor, XTO Energy

Repsol traditionally supported reservoir simulation workloads on-premises, requiring hardware and software configuration as well as licensing to support the environment. By adopting Azure HPC with Azure NetApp Files, Repsol can now make decisions faster. The company has seen amazing performance increases. What once required a month to process now takes only a few hours. This is critical to a company that makes billion-dollar decisions that are dependent on quantitative information.


"With Azure, we not only get an intelligent cloud, we get an intelligent edge, which helps us automatically identify and respond to safety hazards in near real time."

Daniel Jeavons, General Manager for Data Science​, Shell

"The value delivered by the technologies built on Azure HPC unlocks wake mitigation but also other use cases that make wind power even more competitive. With it, we can optimize design and profitability of sustainable energy solutions for our customers."

Sven Jesper Knudsen, Chief Specialist and Modeling & Analytics Module Design Owner

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