Azure high-performance computing (HPC) for automotive

Simulate all aspects of vehicle engineering cost-effectively and at scale with highly secure infrastructure.

Optimize products by enhancing existing simulations with Azure data analytics and machine learning tools.​

Quickly test performance of sensors using advanced hardware like GPUs and autonomous driving software over billions of simulated miles.


Reduce fuel consumption by exploring various aerodynamics shapes and materials in your own virtual wind-tunnel. Azure supports a wide variety of open-source and proprietary aerodynamic simulation software.

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Crash test simulations

Cost-effectively simulate the crash behavior of individual car body components, component assemblies, and Body-in-White (BIW) testing by vehicle quarters or halves.

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Multiphysics simulation

Accurately simulate product behavior by calculating fluid forces, thermal effects, and structural integrity—in any combination—to achieve high-fidelity simulations on scalable, highly reliable, and secure Azure infrastructure. 

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Autonomous driving validation

Reduce design cycle sprint times by more rapidly iterating through re-simulation/re-compute, training, and perception and post-perception validation with a wide variety of CPU and GPU virtual machine configurations.

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Powerful infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions for automotive applications

See how automotive customers are innovating with Azure HPC

"There are so many factors that are constantly changing and can affect race strategy: track temperature, tire performance, what the other drivers are doing. Simulation helps us quickly understand how to configure the car for a particular track."

Mark Everest, Information Systems Development Manager, Renault Sport Formula One Team

Renault Sport

"Thanks to the cloud, we have found the right solution to the challenge of storage capacity and computing. We can now focus entirely on the development and safety of our technical solutions for automated and autonomous driving."

Adrian James, Head of Automated Driving Safety, Audi AG


"We can develop very efficiently using Microsoft tools and use pre-built Azure features for artificial intelligence"

Markus Kremer, Project Engineer, FEV Europe GmbH


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