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Solution architecture: SMB disaster recovery with Double-Take DR

Small and medium businesses can inexpensively implement disaster recovery to the cloud by using a partner solution like Double-Take DR.

This solution is built on the Azure managed services: Traffic Manager, VPN Gateway and Virtual Network. These services run in a high-availability environment, patched and supported, allowing you to focus on your solution instead of the environment they run in.

Azure Failover Site Recovery VMs Primary Site (On-Premise) Before Failover After Failover *VMs aren't created until failover occurs IIS VM SQL Server2016 VM Virtual Network SQL Server2016 VM* IIS VM* Double-TakeDR VM Customers Traffic Manager(DNS Routing)

Implementation guidance

Products/Description Documentation

Traffic Manager

DNS traffic is routed via Traffic Manager which can easily move traffic from one site to another based on policies defined by your organization.

Double-Take DR

Double-Take DR is a partner solution.

VPN Gateway

The VPN gateway maintains the communication between the on-premises network and the cloud network securely and privately.

Virtual Network

The virtual network is where the failover site will be created when a disaster occurs.

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