Solution architecture: Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for Azure Web Apps with Visual Studio Team Services

Make continuous web-app deployment easier with Azure. Azure App Service is a fast and simple way to create web apps using ASP.NET, Java, Node, or PHP. Making those web apps durable and evergreen requires a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to push each of your changes automatically.

Set up the Web Apps feature of App Service in Visual Studio Team Services for CI/CD to access continuous-integration and continuous-deployment tools. Visual Studio Team Services provides a Git repository for version control, a build system for continuous integration, and a release-management system for continuous deployment. Using these tools, you can track each commit into the repository, through various environments, and into your production website. Azure Application Insights closes the feedback loop, correlating problems that occur in production back to a specific deployment and to specific code changes in that deployment.

Commit Deployment Continuous integration trigger Make changes to application Review data Continuous Deployment Trigger Visual Studio Team Services Application code,Web.config file Visual Studio Team Services Web package,Web.config file Visual Studio Team Services App Service Monitoring Application Insights Health, Performance, Usage Developer Visual Studio Environment specific Web.config files

Implementation guidance

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Set up continuous-integration builds and ensure high quality for each of your commits using Visual Studio Team Services Build.

Trigger automated deployments to Azure websites upon completion of a successful build using Visual Studio Team Services Release Management.

App Service

Use Azure App Service to host your applications irrespective of language and platform.

Visual Studio

Develop ASP.NET, ASP.NET core, Node, PHP, or Java applications using Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio.

Collaborate with your team members and share code in Visual Studio Team Services Git repository.

Application Insights

Detect issues, diagnose crashes, and track usage in your web app with Application Insights. Make informed decisions throughout the development lifecycle.

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Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for containers with Visual Studio Team Services

Container deployment makes it easy to continuously update and improve your applications. Create replicable, manageable clusters of containers by orchestrating the continuous integration and deployment of those containers using Kubernetes or DC/OS in Azure Container Service. Use Visual Studio Team Services to deploy faster and more reliably by setting up a continuous build to produce and orchestrate your container images.

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