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Fast, highly-secured, large data migration to the cloud

Transferring large volumes of data over a network can take days, weeks, or even months. Avoid the hassle, and ship your physical disks directly to Azure—we’ll upload them for you. Take advantage of the Azure Import/Export service for Azure Storage, and accelerate your cloud transition.

Efficiently migrate large data sets

Save time and money, compared to network transfer, by shipping physical disks to and from Azure. Import large amounts of initial workload data to Azure, or quickly send data to your customer sites for simple content distribution. Create backups of your on-premises data to store in the cloud, and then recover data to your on-premises location if needed.

Keep data private

When using the Import/Export service, your data is highly-secured every step of the way. Disks are encrypted using Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption, and your encryption keys are managed on the Azure portal, or Azure REST API over SSL. In the datacenter, we migrate your data from drive to cloud using a fast, private network upload link.

Ensure data integrity

Use the Import/Export service to migrate your data with confidence. Built-in checksums and an MD5 hash ensure data integrity. Track and monitor the status of your data migration through logs and audit trails on the Azure portal.

Why trust Import/Export?

Import/Export pricing

  • No upfront cost
  • No termination fees
  • Pay only for what you use

Everything you need to get started

Get instant access and a $200 credit by signing up for a free Azure account.

Learn how to use Import/Export with 5-minute quickstart tutorials and documentation.

Enhance Import/Export with additional features and products, like security and backup services.

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