Security & Compliance

Threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security

Analyze and investigate incidents

Analyze events across multiple data sources and identify security risks. Understand the scope and impact of threats and attacks to mitigate the damage of a security breach.

Detect threats before they happen

Identify attack patterns by visualizing outbound malicious IP traffic and threat types. Understand the security posture of your entire environment regardless of the platform.

Streamline security audits

Capture all of the log and event data required for security or compliance audits. Reduce the time and resources that you need to do a security audit with a complete, searchable, and exportable log and event data set.

Automatic data collection

Save time and reduce effort to identify security event and threat data that you need to collect and analyze. Once you connect the agents, the service automatically selects and collects the necessary data.

Efficient data storage

Regardless of the data increase, Security & Compliance gives you the compute and storage capacity that you need. It also allows you to cost-effectively monitor security events over longer periods for more accuracy and supply data for critical security audits.

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