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Azure Arc–enabled data services

Extend cloud data management for data workloads anywhere

Azure Arc–enabled data services, anywhere

Run Azure data services on premises, at the edge, and in multicloud environments on the infrastructure of your choice. Now with support for all connectivity modes, get the latest from Azure and gain elastic scale, built-in capabilities like high availability, and unified management for data workloads. Database services currently enabled by Azure Arc include Azure SQL (now generally available) and Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale (in preview), with more coming soon.

The latest innovations from Azure SQL and PostgreSQL enabled by Azure Arc in any environment
Database-as-a-service benefits including automation for setting up high availability and elastic scaling without application downtime
Unified management with familiar tools and a modern cloud billing model for hybrid infrastructure
Support for data workloads with cloud benefits even in environments without continuous and direct Azure connectivity

Innovate faster while running a cloud-based database on premises or in a multicloud environment. Stay current with the latest Azure features and capabilities for data workloads without waiting 18–24 months as with traditional on-premises solutions. Updates are automatically applied according to your policies, so you’ll no longer face end-of-support disruption.

Download the “Azure data services anywhere” infographic

Improve agility with self-service provisioning and deprovisioning of an Azure SQL or PostgreSQL database. Quickly spin up an instance with built-in capabilities like high availability, backup, and monitoring to save time and resources compared to manual setup. Achieve greater usage transparency with a consumption-based cloud billing model for on-premises data workloads.

Learn how to implement Azure data services in your environment

Introduce cloud elasticity to your on-premises data solutions with Azure Arc–enabled data services. Optimize performance by dynamically scaling your data workloads based on business demand without application downtime. Easily scale up, scale down, or scale out for more read replicas or with more nodes for sharding purposes. Pay for only what you use by elastically scaling based on your specific needs.

Watch a demo of how Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale achieves scaling

See how Azure SQL Managed Instance achieves scaling and read scale-out

Gain a single view of your data across on-premises and cloud environments with unified management. Maintain a consistent management experience for various relational databases, such as Azure SQL and PostgreSQL. Manage the data layer with views of underlying infrastructure health and capacity for performance. All you need is a familiar tool set that includes the Azure portal, Azure Data Studio, or Azure CLI.

Read more about enabling Azure management and data services outside Azure infrastructure

Get cloud benefits regardless of where the data workloads need to run, with or without direct and continuous connection to Azure. The local Azure Arc data controller provides the full set of management features you need, including provisioning, elastic scaling, automated updates, high availability, backup, and monitoring, giving you maximum flexibility and consistency across your self-hosted environments.

Learn more about connectivity modes and requirements

Enjoy the flexibility of having both an opex and a capex model for your data workloads. Save costs with build-in capabilities and increased productivity for your database instances running in any environment. Use your current infrastructure and existing SQL Server license investment.

Azure Arc–enabled data services pricing

Azure Arc–enabled data services follow the same pricing model as those services in Azure, excluding the cost of infrastructure components from the charge. In addition, SQL Server customers can use Azure Hybrid Benefit to adopt Azure Arc–enabled SQL Managed Instance with existing SQL licensing investments.

Azure Arc updates, blogs, and announcements

Frequently asked questions about Azure Arc–enabled data services

  • Read the blog for a deep dive on the general availability announcement.
  • Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc is now generally available. Azure Arc–enabled PostgreSQL Hyperscale is in preview. We will introduce more Azure data services based on customer demand.
  • You’ll need a Kubernetes cluster as the orchestrating fabric in the environment to run Azure data services on the hardware of your choice. We’ll work with major Kubernetes distributions as supported options.
  • Azure Arc automates database management tasks for management at scale. Fast provisioning, on-demand elastic scale, patching, setting up high availability, backup and restore, and monitoring are available out of the box. Azure Arc also brings on-premises data solutions by extending advanced data security, Azure Backup, Azure Monitor, Azure Policy, and Azure role-based access control for databases running in your environment. For more information, download the infographic.
  • Azure SQL offers several different deployment and management options across IaaS and PaaS for the SQL Server engine hosted on Azure. While Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance provides the cloud Platform-as-a-Service benefits, SQL Server on Azure Arc-enabled servers provides capabilities similar to SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines. To help your decision-making process, learn more about making sense of Azure and Azure Arc deployment options for SQL Server.

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