App Service

Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile clients

Develop powerful applications for any platform or device, faster than ever before. Meet rigorous performance, scalability, security, and compliance requirements using a single back end.

High-productivity development

Integrate Azure App Service into your existing frameworks, languages, and tooling to accelerate your development. Rapidly build, deploy, and manage powerful web, mobile, and API apps for employees or customers using a single back end. Build standards-based web apps and APIs using .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python.

Fully-managed platform and app hosting

DevOps teams can configure App Service from the Azure portal or command line interface to meet the operational needs of the app. Unified development and management experiences eliminate the confusion of disparate services and providers, which results in less navigation and lower overhead. Get unparalleled developer productivity with cutting-edge capabilities such as continuous integration, live-site debugging, and the industry-leading Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Windows- and Linux-based platform options are available.

Enterprise-grade apps

The enterprise-grade global datacenter network, security, and compliance level of the Azure platform mean you can build and host your apps with confidence. Create apps and automate business processes faster with a wealth of pre-built apps, API services, and recipes in the Azure Marketplace. Easily find and use what you need to get the job done, with access to a broad range of components and services delivered by Microsoft, certified vendors, and the broader open-source developer community.

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Web Apps

Web apps that scale

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Mobile Apps

Build mobile apps for any device

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API Apps

Easily build and consume APIs

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Logic Apps

Automate business processes

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