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Azure Active Directory B2C

Identity and access management for your customer-facing apps

Customize every pixel of your customer journey

Manage customer, consumer, and citizen access to your business-to-consumer (B2C) applications. Connect with millions of users with the scalability and availability you need.

High availability to scale to hundreds of millions of customers

Customization for every pixel of the registration and sign-in experience

Strong authentication for your customers using their preferred identity provider

Integration with apps and databases to capture sign-in and conversion data

Protect your customers’ identities

Apply security controls and application- or policy-based multi-factor authentication to help protect your customers’ personal data.

Learn more about how Debeka uses Azure AD B2C to create a customized and secure identity management system for thousands of its insurance customers and members.

Build your solution your way

Customize your brand, your HTML, and your CSS to maintain consistency for your customers at every step, from sign-up to in-app experiences.

Unmatched security and compliance

Use your free tier of 50,000 monthly active users (MAUs)

Manage customer identities and access in the cloud, and provide multi-factor authentication for greater security.

Get started with Azure AD B2C

Get instant access and a $200 credit by signing up for an Azure free account.

Enhance Azure AD B2C with additional features and products such as security and backup services.

Documentation, training, and resources

Azure Active Directory External Identities

Learn more about Azure Active Directory External Identities

Trusted by companies of all sizes

"Azure AD B2C is a huge innovation enabler…our development teams don't need to worry about authentication when creating applications. It's also less work for our staff to not have to manage multiple authentication systems."

Ralf Cichy, Project Manager, Zeiss

Build seamless end user experience with our ISV Partner integration network

Tailor your end user experience specifically for your needs. Our ISV Partner integration network extends our solution capabilities; from enabling different methods of MFA, enabling Secure Customer Authentication, performing Role Based Access Control to combatting against fraud through Identity Verification - Proofing.

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