Multiple IP addresses on Network Interface Cards (NIC)

Now available This is now generally available.

Date Updated: Monday, May 15, 2017

Through multiple IP addresses on Network Interface Cards, more than one (and up to 250) private and public IP addresses will be able to be allocated to each NIC. All the private IP addresses will support platform-native features like Network Security Groups (NSGs) and User Defined Routes (UDRs). In addition, through this feature, load balancing across both primary and secondary NICs will be possible. An Azure Virtual Machine will be able to host multiple applications or services with unique public IP addresses. Network Virtual Appliances (NVAs) will be able to decouple the application data traffic and management traffic by placing multiple public IP addresses on separate NICs. This separation will allow NVAs to enforce different security policies based on the NICs, as well as provide bandwidth isolation among different traffic types. Through this feature, micro-services on VMs will be able to use distinct IP addresses, and to benefit from native functions like NSGs and UDRs without depending on an overlay network.

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